Guardians of Asgard




Hail fellow warriors of Paragorn city.

We, The Guardians of Asgard are seeking young (or mature) blood to join our mighty hall on the Justice server. If you were to join with us your fellow brothers and sisters would treat you with proper respect, as we are all warriors. We hail from many different worlds (Everquest, Ultima, Etc..) and have endured many winters. No longer suffer death in battle without glory! Join us for mighty battles, great teamwork and mighty feasts in our halls! The blood our enemies will flow as will your mead horns on the eve of battle!

There aren't many requirements, we simply ask that you tie in your character to Norse/Viking Mythology somehow. RPing is not mandatory but it is appreciated.

If our request interests you please feel free to hail one of our Einherjers or Jomsvikings

Brothers Behelit, Sigdir, Mjolnir, Isthidur, Thesius, ELO or Tuoni on Justice.

Hail Wotan and the Aesir!