Blinded by Love (Kerygma's Origin)




(First of, I know putting up my origin now is very late. Kerygma is level 20. However, I'm very new at RP and I'd love to be an RPer. Many people have suggested that I should post here on the boards to get my character going, so here's Kerygma's origin. I'll be different and post my origin in an odd new way)

Letter 1: From Chloe to Sophie
My dearest Sophie,

I'm in love! My dear Sophie, I am in love. It is such a wonderful feeling! Oh my, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me start from the beginning.

His name is Sir Valmont, a soldier. A noble one at that. Surely you have heard of his exploits. He is somewhat a celebrity in these parts. It is said that he once led a small army against the Circle of Thorns and was triumphant. Him and his men were only equipped with swords and spears. Oh you must have heard that! All the women in the city are talking about him.

When news came that he will pass through our city. My father decided to throw a magnificent party to welcome him and talk to him about his adventures. My father told me to watch myself for I was arrange to wed Monsieur Gercourt. I did not care, Sophie! I talked with the young man all through the party, Sir Valmont was quite charming.

It is late, dear Sophie, I must sleep. The party has drained most of my energy. I will arrange this letter to arrive in the morning. Won't you be so kind to join me for dinner later that evening?


Letter 2: From Chloe to Valmont
Dear Sir,

I'd think you find it rather odd that you have fallen out of favor with my father. You see, I didn't tell you the whole truth. I am arrange to be married to another man. I am sorry that I deceived you. However, that deception is the only one I have commited. The rest of my feelings are sincere. I apologize that my letters aren't as flowery as yours. You have a way with words sir.

My maid told me that you shall be leaving to battle the Thorns again tomorrow. I am saying this against my will, but I would rather you stay clear of my estate. My father is keeping an eye on me. He threatened to send me to a convent if I misbehave.

I apologize Sir Valmont. I have mislead you. I guess these last words will be my good bye to you.


Letter 3: From Valmont to Chloe
My dearest Chloe,

I will not stand idly by and watch you punish yourself. Truly, I have never laid eyes on a lady such as yourself. Even goddesses envy you. I could compare you to Helen of Troy. Though you may not say it, I can sense a deep resentment to your father and your husband to be.

Chloe, my most trusted servant will deliver this letter to you. He should be standing in front of you now. With him is a set of clothes meant for a man. Wear it. You shall sneak out of your chateau and meet me. We shall pretend you are my other servant. We shall do this until we escape this city.

Chloe, please agree to this rescue. Yes it is a rescue. For you are a damsel in distress. I pray this won't happen, but if you don't find this agreeable, just merely turn my servant away.

I'll be waiting for you or my servant. Hopefully it is you.


Letter 4: From Chloe to Sophie

Oh Sophie! It is terrible! Valmont asked me to runaway with him. Of course I agreed! But sadly, before I can escape the chateau, the guards caught me! I'll never see Valmont again!

I'm writing to you in a convent. Father says I shall stay here until Gercourt is ready to wed me. Gercourt says I am not quite ready. What a perverted man! I hate him!

Luckily, the women are nice here. They have thought me many things about medicine I didn't know. Some said I have a knack for healing. So everyday, I learn the art of medicine.

News of Valmont has reached me here at the convent. He fighting the Thorns as we speak. I fear for him, Sophie!

I'm escaping Sophie. I have stolen an armor belonging to one of the special troops that is to fight the Thorns. It belongs to a female soldier named Kerygma. I will assume her identity. Do not worry about me! I have mastered the art of medicine! I can heal my wounds and the wounds of others if anything unpleasant happens.

So long Sophie. I fear that I will not be able to write you as often. Your Chloe will be fine. I promise.


Letter 5: From Sophie to Chloe
My dearest Chloe,

Father advised me not to write to you. He fears that you have passed. I do not believe that. I will send this letter in a caravan, hopefully they will find you int heir travels and deliver this letter. I pray that you haven't passed, you are like a sister.

If you do get this letter, please tell me what happened in the battlefield. Soldiers who was there wouldn't stop telling the horros of what happened. They say that there was this unknown female soldier with fair hair healing the wounded. I assume it was you. They say that the same soldier ran towards Sabastian as the Circle of Thorns unleased a spell never seen before. The female soldier tried to run towards Sabastian and then there was a flash of light. Many fighters disintegrated in the flash, but the few who survive swore that the spell tore the air.

Those who were there said that the tear showed a magnificent city, with tall towers and maginificent statues. One witness said he saw a statue of a man carrying the world on his back. This was only for a moment and then the glimpse was gone. What is left is the bodies of the fallen soldiers. Your body wasn't found and neither is Valmont's. I pray you escaped.

One last thing, I have searched records and there is no soldier named Kerygma. I did find an ancient myth of an angel named Kerygma. She was casted away from Heaven for falling in love with an earthly man. But this is just a myth.

I hope this letter finds its way to you. If you do get this letter, please reply. I am worried sick about you! Please return as soon as you can.

End of letters...

(Once again, I am new at RP, so please be easy on me! Kerygma is an empath that resides in Virtue.)