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I was inspired to create characters and origins based on my (somewhat) obscure music tastes. Ultimately I'm trying to create "Goth Force Five" as a supergroup - just because I can


BlutEngel’s Origin

Dark Melee/Regeneration Scrapper on Triumph

BlutEngel is a dhampir, born from the unnatural union of male Nazi vampire and a human female. Blessed with the powers of a vampire but with none of the weaknesses, she is an unholy slayer. She served as her father’s right hand during the war as he sought to lead in a new era of vampire dominance under the guise of Hitler’s Reich. Hunted down by one of her own siblings, her father was killed before he could complete the ritual. Without the vampire army, the Reich fell.

BlutEngel spent the next 60 years hunting down her sister to seek vengeance but when that moment came she was defeated and brought to the edge of her unlife. Her sister, more human than vampire, transferred some of her life essence to BlutEngel not only saving her from oblivion but also giving her a new found reverence for humanity.

Now The Circle of Thorns seeks to use the same vampiric ritual to blot out the sun’s rays and twist nature into a horrible perversion. BlutEngel cannot let her father’s vile legacy come to fruition – she hunts them in Paragon City.

see BlutEngel for the band

aiboforcen’s Origin on Triumph

Kinetics/Psychic Blast Defender

Born a gifted child in Brussels in 1898, Anne-Laure attended all the best schools thanks to her affluent parents. Schooled in psychology, archaeology, linguistics and theology she sought to study the origin of religion and God for her PhD. Traveling to the cradle of life, the site of ancient Mesopotamia, she unearthed a temple far older than any other previously discovered. Deep inside she found scrolls that predated known civilization. Spending the night in an effort to translate the ancient text she was rewarded with a verse that would summon Anu, the god of heaven, to this very temple. Too excited to think of the dangers, she spoke the incantation immediately. Her translation was wrong. She summoned something far less benevolent.

A Dark God, Tchernobog, came for her that night. As he slowly siphoned the soul from her body she yelled out the last word on the scroll, a power word written to destroy the Dark God. The Dark God and Anne-Laure were torn apart and her very being was scatter to the edges of the world. One Hundred years later the temple was discovered again and the verse was spoken but this time, Anne-Laure was summoned. Infused with the power of Tchernobog, Anne-Laure took the name aïboforcen and became the sentinel against the return of the Dark Gods. The trail of the Dark Gods has led her to Paragon City where she fights their servants.

see aiboforcen for the band


Still waiting to meet The Front Line Assembler...



Like, oh my Goth!!

Corsper isn't really a goth purist... he comes from a death metal background, and grew up in Suburban New Jersey Hell, but I think he'd take a liking to your little band of misfits.

I can post his backgroud if ya like... he isn't a vampire or a dark god or anything, just your typical mutant punk.

Katana-wielding maniac last seen on Pinnacle



Sanguine Moon on freedom is a vampire. He only goes out at night... sleeps or stays indoors during the day...(which is a real pain since nights last 15 minutes a pop)