Damaa: The lord giveth... (part 1.1)




Sitting alone on top of some apartment blocks in kings row, Damaa silently teared, she looked to the streets below and saw a woman being mugged, a group of skulls breaking into a factory across the road and two outcasts conversing in the shadows of a back alley, exchanging hands with swift eyes and glances. It was all too sad.

"Damaa, so fitting for you right now dont you think" came a voice from behind her.

Damaa remined silent, looking on in dismay, she knew it was her rival 'Scroned' so she didnt bother to turn around, the trails and challenges of paragon were finally becomming to much for her.

"your name does mean to cry doesnt it?" continued Scroned in a humourus tone.

"I usually pray when i feel like this... but i dont think he listens to us anymore" Said Damaa quietly.

Scorned looked down to her feet, she may have been Damaa's rival but she knew how much Damaa valued her faith; she was taken back somewhat by that comment, only lifting her head to respond "He listend enough to give you your power didnt he?... i never really did figure out where mine come from"

"I dont know what i have to do" Said Damaa sheepishly "This power i cant even controll correctly and even knowing about me they laugh when i tell them to disist! ... im not a superhero, im not even a hero... not like #1"

With that she got to her feet, wiped her eyes and made her way to the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Asked Scroned.

"Home, to be with myself, to live by myself and one day to get married and have a family and live jaded like the citizens do!" She sneered "You just fly down and leave me be!"

Scorned, with a shocked expression felt her cold heart raise up into her throat and with a 'hmph!' she turned her back and floated off into the night as Damaa carfully made her way down the fire escape, so not to slip, as usual. She climbed all the way to the bottom and made her way back to her appartment where, to her suprise, a little girl sat waiting outside her door.

"May i help you?" Asked Damaa.

"You may help him... he told me to give you this" Said the little girl with a smile as she struggled to lift a heafty box off the ground next to her.

"Is that for me? i dont remember ordering anything, i think you have the wrong appartment little girl..."

"Damaa... he heard you, you are to fight with him, for him... he is giving you this" said the little girl as she started to walk away, a slight skip in her step.

Damaa looked on, somewhat amazed, she was such a pretty little girl; she cast her eyes back to the door where a tall package was standing upright.

Hurridly she took it inside, locked her door and scrammbled to open it up, it looked like any regular package, a package you might find self assembled shelfs or something but inside... was a glove. Long and metalic, hollow to put her arm all the way in, all the way to her shoulder with a bulky mass near the hand. She slowly slipped her hand in and as if it was pulling her it slotted in, the arm then closed around her shoulder, locking itself firmly onto her arm.

((Check back for part 2 in the comming weeks to see what happens next if you are interested, please leave comments or feedback if you wish to))



i am intrigued by this, i hope you finish part 2 soon.