Power Aide - The man with the golden bandaids...




The Life and Times of Power Aide: Paragon City's fastest healer

Power Aide (real name withheld) is the ultimate "good Samaritan," with a weakness. Before he gained his powers, he was a teacher of bioengineering and medicine. He had won many awards for his papers and books on the human body's electrical conductivity, and new forms of healing through shock and electrical exposure. The limit to his academia success was nowhere in sight, until a tragic September day. PA (as his colleagues now call him) had always been an easy man to crack under the pressure of a woman's voice and flirtatious nature. During the Labor Day break he had finally succumbed to a co-eds pleading with him to give her "special lectures." Disaster struck. While PA and the unnamed co-ed where engaging in "pleasures of the flesh," an active Jacob's ladder fell into one of PA's bio-engineering experiments that in turn splashed onto them. The couple was summarily shocked to death, or so it seemed. The co-ed was pronounced dead at the scene, while PA could be revived. After his recovery, he found he could channel the power of his bioengineering experiment (later revealed to be a massive energy transference from healthy flesh to wounded flesh) to assist himself and others, as well as harness the power of the Jacob's ladder to inflict pain and tire his targets. Having lost his tenure and any hopes of being a credible intellect- PA disappeared from the civilian populace and begin to lead a life of the hero.

When he first crashed onto the hero scene in Paragon City (his home and birthplace for 26 years) he was still badly injured and burned from the accident. He took to the streets to assist his fellow heroes and to do his part in fighting crime and villainy in Paragon City. It's all he has now... now that his personal life has been destroyed completely. In someway, he hopes that through his successes as a hero, he can vindicate his failures as a man. Living off what is a small fortune from his book sales, invention residuals, lectures, and consulting jobs, PA created a suit that would heal him over time and still allow freedom of movement and freedom of pain. He continues to work on methods to improve and alter his powers through means of chemical and radiological exposure; including advancements in reviving fallen allies, fortifying heroes in combat, allowing ways for heroes and himself to seemingly never fall prey to injury or fatigue, running faster than a sports car, harness air molecules to achieve the power of flight, and pouring all his energy to deliver an amazing electrical blast.

Currently, PA has devised several costumes and suits to allow his powers to become even more powerful and dependable. Also, his advancements in regenerative tissues have allowed for all his scarring to heal and disappear. He can be found fighting on the streets and docks of Peregrin Island and the many threatening dimensions that make up the multi-verse via the assistance of the Portal Cooperation. He is also an active Guardian for the Champions of Justice, a noble supergroup that challenges the very foundation of villainous groups and gangs across Paragon City.



- Update Alpha -

A source close to the illusive and swift Power Aide has reported that the "man with the golden bandaids" has indeed completed the preliminary construction of his Omega Suit. The Omega Suit is made to withstand the abuse that the Rikti blasters and strike blades dish out. It was made using the latest density alterated titanium. The suit has energy absorbtion plating and contains the same biomedical engineering arsenal that Power Aide is famous for. The suit incapsulates Aide and is complete with a rebreather and cooling system. While not as flashy as Aide's other suits and outfits, he swears by it. He also claims that the suit unfortunately is still suffering from conductivity issues and has failed when discharging electricity and medical assistance auras.

The Fastest Healer alive went on to say that he is waiting for a concealment device due to be delivered in Septemeber on this year. It's a new prototype stealth mechanism designed by the Otta Corperation in Sweden. Aide had done some lecture work there 5 years ago as part of a NATO agreement to share technology, and will be giving them his "healing beam" device for an extended period for their own study.

Power Aide also said he is going to now focus on tweaking his 4 suits/costumes and no longer build any new suits. "I'm a little tired now. I think I'm spreading my attention to thin across my current systems. I need to focus on the ones I have and make modifications I see fit for certain foe groups and environments. Plus, it's a lot easier on the pocketbook!"

Editors note: The Omega suit is the fourth and final addition to Aide's wardrobe. Currently, Aide has his 1) lycra/spandex red suit (the prime suit) which was his first design when he began his career 2) a leather clad variation (the sweat box) which contained more resistance than the prime as well as better containment for his electrical powers - the suit is lined with rubber insulation 3) the metal man suit which Aide collaborated on with his friend and retired tanker, Valor. Valor has returned to his tech lab coat and modified his old metal alloy suit to fit Aide's size, build, and specific needs. Aide also used the help of Valor's talents in the design of the Omega Suit. "Big V and I have been close friends for some time. He started his hero career a lot earlier than myself and I was fortunate enough to work with him on some ideas of his back then to assist him in crime fighting. Now that he has retired at the ripe old age of 67, he still wants to help stop villainy... but by helping other heroes." The two now also apparently share a lab space in Founder's Falls, along with a few other scientists and engineers.