Elite crew




Looking for players that might be interested in creating a themed character. Not a supergroup, just a group of 5-7 experienced players that follow a theme. So far I have only myself so have room for 4-6 more. I'd like ages 18 and older if I can.

What theme? I was thinking along the lines of Robotic Mercenaries. An all robot group that will although be heroes, play like Mercenaries. When City of Villains comes out all of us will most likely be 50+, and people will have atleast heard of us. At this point we can be hired to PK Villains that have been griefing Heroes.

This isn't one of those things that is going to last a week and then everyone stops, I have every intention on carrying this through and making it one of the Elite groups in all of CoH. I have spent atleast 12 hours nailing out every detail of this and i'm all but waiting for applicants. No casual players please, although I do respect casual players for having lives and such, this is a project for those such as myself that can devote hours upon hours every day.

Alright, if you're still interested PM me with any questions you may have, or if you want in. I of course will have a few questions for you also, to make sure you're fit for the job, and please don't be upset if I reject you... as I said i'm looking for the perfect people, and although you may be good, you're probably just not what i'm looking for in a player. And only 4-6 will be accepted, possibly 7 if I see another that can't be passed up.

I have characters on various servers, and no server has been set as of yet for such a project. I have a 50 scrapper on Victory, 44 controller on Gaurdian, 39 controller on Virtue, and atleast 1 level 20+ character on every server except Infinity and Champion.

I will be accepting applicants until Sunday.