50 Days in Paragon City




Paragon City- Atlas Park - Day 4.
Its been four days since I arrived in Paragon City. Four extremely uneventful days. These gang-bangers couldn't hit water if they fell out of a boat. I can certainly see why the population pretty much ignores these guys on the streets. Occasionally a pack of gunners will put down some good suppression fire, but the are few and far between. I did find some unusual dead.. or undead.. mostly dead... zombie guys once. Talk about slow, yikes. I can see why thier controllers shoot "slow" darts, thats the only way they will ever catch anything.

Paragon City - Kings Row - Day 6
Finally some action. No shortage of goons here, and alot fewer people. Found some little machine dudes in a junkyard gathering stuff. I decided to take five and just watch them, but they must have some adversion to being watch because they started attacking. I felt bad about melting them down, but it soon passed. Then the freakshow started. In between the routine thugs where these guys with trashcans and signs on thier chest, and one guy with a TV on his head. And if that wasn't bad enough, I run across some glowing green guys casting a spell on civilan. A couple of well placed fireballs ended that. Oh I did witness Police Drones in action for the first time, too. Some rookie had bit off more than he could handle and made his way to the train station for safety as the drones disintegrated the thugs. Ouch. I hope those things never turn on us.

Paragon City - Perez Park - Day 9
Home sweet home. This place reminds me of home.... except for the overwhelming criminal element. I like to clear a nice area out and just relax on the canopy. Now if I could just get the other heroes to keep it down....

Paragon City - Skyway City - Day 10
Perez Park was too darn noisy most of the time so I left a lot sooner than I planned. After my brisk morning jog I ended up here, and face to face with my new favorite group to hate. The 5th Column. Nazi posers. They stand on the corner preaching... rather spewing there garbage... ugh. [Censored] already. I will go out of my way to pound these guys. Although I will admit the grenade launchers are a bit annoying, these guys are fluff. All talk, no action. Those kinda dead zombie guys were out in force as well, with much better handlers too. Organ donation makes me squeemish, so Ill go out of my way to put the smackdown on them too.

Paragon City - Steel Canyon - Day 13
Freaking green things wandering here everywhere.. and I am not talking about they dozens of <something> "Hulk" <something> heroes either. They call themselves trolls, but they dont tend to hangout under bridges much. Nor do my fire powers hurt them more than others... oh well. The superdine doesn't make them any worse than the generic thugs of other parts of the city. Those TV wearing guys are here too, only in alot greater quality and quanity. Something about a transformation or change coming... very odd. They also seem to have a lot of alien weapons, so they have some major backing from somewhere.

Paragon City - Hospital Bed... I think. - Day something.
Ouch. As soon as they finish re-attaching my butt (It got handed to me), I am so going back for those Nazis. Simple mission right, 5th's had taken some civilians for "re-education" and I was to free them. Wading through the grunts and rescuing the people was easy, then at the top of the stair case is the boss. Toughest SOB I had ever seen. (me lvl 17, him lvl 20 boss; con'ed purple). I couldn't immobilize him, hit him, hover away.. nothing. He whooped me good. I have a plan tho, a plan so sneaky and devious you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel.

Paragon City - Skyway City - Day 16
Oh yeah, who's da man? Who would have thought villians have a fear of elevators? I can go full out and unload in a 5 second orgy of destruction, then retreat to a lower floor to regen and repeat. May have taken 3-4 times, but he went down. But now I have to deal with this new martial arts group, the "Tsoo". How the heck do you pronounce that? So far the ones on the street are ranged combat impared so raining death from above is an easy way to eliminate them.. I hope they get more challenging.

Paragon City - Hospital Bed... again. - Day 16
Note to self: [Censored] on things being more challenging. Between the "Ink"ies and thier stuns and the sorcerers, these guys are rough. Really have to ramp it up on the first strike to wipe them out. I know better for next time.

Paragon City - Independance Port - Day 21
Sadly things have been really slow. None of my contacts have missions for me until I get a higher security level so I have been reduced to cleaning the streets again. Finally I got high enough (lvl 19) to get new contacts, but the darn new contacts wont give me missions yet (lvl 20). Might as well head to Faultline and practice tactics, whooping up on "Lost" is getting old.... you would think they would run out eventually.

Paragon City - Faultline - Day 24
Sky Raiders.... they are 5th Column Lite. All the firepower of the 5th, just none of the organization. And when your boss can fly, camping in a low cieling office seems to be stupid. They do have one redeeming but worthless ability, engineers who can whip together a shield generator from some spare metal, 2 pieces of chewed bubble gum and duct tape in like 6 seconds. Pretty amazing, but it doesn't seem to help them at all.

Paragon City - Talos Island - Day 26
The mission has nothing to do with them, but there were these freaky tree things all over the smaller islands. Big freaky things. Nothing I was even going to try to fight. The guys who I did fight were like the Vazil... the mostly dead things, only a weaker version. They had mages, but they are largly ineffective since thier minions lag horribly behind them giving me easy isolation kills. And it turns out they are in a feud with the green glowing guys (Thorn somethings..) over spirits. I'm supposed to go check it out, but Id rather just wait until they wipe each other out, then clean up the stragglers.

Paragon City - Indepenance Port - Day 28
Decide to hook up with some other heroes, one of each type, and we rocked. Absolutely ruled everything we faced. Perfect execution. We parted ways after a few hours and I went back to helping the people getting shookdown by the Family. Usually people thank me when I help them, these guys just say "EnounterVictim", [censored]? Some sort of code word or something.... wierd.

Paragon City - Terra Volta.... maybe the Twilight Zone - day 31
Finally feeling brave enough to wander in there (because all my missions were in there) I finally had to find some "Lost". Turns out they are only in the trenches... but when you touch the bottom of the trenches or the pipes, you warp to some other part of the city! So I have to hover down, attack, dodge the terrain and the Lost or I get booted and have to run back. Absolutely annoying. A fellow blaster got warped right in the middle of some Freakshow... and died. Thats just wrong.

Paragon City - Ind. Port and Talos Island - days 32-24
By far the coolest mission ever. Appearently there is (was) a Nazi from the 1940s who was sent into the present day and is trying to take some technology and knowledge with him back to the 1940s to change history. I spent three days following leads from a mystery man tracking this guy down and capturing him only to find out it was the 5th Column lead boss giving me the tips. He didn't want the past to change because it means his 5th Column would no longer exist. Thankfully those guys are so shallow and power-hungry because that really could have changed history.

Paragon City - Talos Island - day 37
I hate Thorns. I want to find whomever designed their underground bases, beat them to within an inch of death, heal them, and repeat until I get tired of it. Canyons, portals, ambushes, rope bridges.... AUGH! I took three friggin' hours combing the base finding one lousy tome o' knowledge. Worse yet their mages finally learned control spells... grrrrr..

Paragon City - Dark Astoria - day 40
I should have been in here long before Terra Volta but I really had no reason to go here. Easy kills as waves of slow Banished Para.. somethings line the streets. Its kind of fun flying just above street level dodging buildings. Feels like a trench run on the Death Star.

Paragon City - Brickstown - day 41 945pm
Looks like an interesting zone. Nice wide streets, a few underpasses. Looks promising

Paragon City - Brickstown Hospital - day 41 948pm

Paragon City - Independance Port - Day 44..45..46..
Having blanked my contacts again and the new contacts wont give me new missions until lvl 30, its back to street sweeping for me... wheee.

Paragon City - Atlas Park - Day 47
Seriously bored I decided to see just how much hurt I could dish out in one attack. So I staked out some of the meanest Lvl 1 Hellions I could find. Build-up, Aim, Rage, Rightous Rage, Blazing Bolt.... 2435pts. Ouch. I was kind of hoping he would exploding having been dealt 100 times the about of damage need to kill him but alas, he just fell like normal.

Paragon City - Founders Falls - Day 49
Finally level 30, new contacts, new missions, new ways to die.... wheeeeeee.

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