Graviant-A Crushing Revelation




Graviant is truly an Alternate. he is newly created and will definately keep pace with TigreStryke or Lady Laysa. Here is his origin...remember, I was bored at work:

Dr. Gregory Timmons is the son of the deceased research scientist, Dr. Thomas Timmons. The elder Timmons was killed while conducting otherworld gravity effect experiments at the original Portal Corporation during the Reichman’s initial assault through the portal. Young Gregory Timmons was particularly hit by his father’s death, but still followed in his footsteps, taking a keen interest in the sciences with a focus on astrophysics and both terran and interstellar gravity. He continued his father’s work, using the notes found in his father’s lab, attempting to create a smaller, personal version of Dr Brian Webb’s Portal. In a fit of frustration, Dr Timmons foolishly activated a Inertial Gravity Induction device of his on design that he mistakenly thought had a design flaw that would cause the machine to do little more than create a fancy light show. He was only half right…the resulting light show was indeed spectacular, but unknown graviton particles bombarded Dr Timmons unprotected body.
He awoke with a feeling heavier for unknown reasons. His initial test showed that he had gained more than a hundred pounds, yet had not gained size…he had become denser at a molecular level. Later, while reaching for a canned soda, the can begin to crumple, as if he had squeezed it with his hand. This is how he realized that the accident had caused more changes than previously noted. Not only had he become dense, which made him more resilient and less fragile than the average human, but he had gained some control over Gravity itself. Upon experimenting on his own, he found that he had potential for other unknown powers, given enough time to master them.
Dr. Gregory Timmons now goes by another name, a name that will be not only heard, but felt by Paragon City’s many villains. You can’t fight Gravity, and you can’t stop…GRAVIANT.

Gravity/Radiation Science Controller

The link will take you to the portion of the official COH timeline that describes the whole Portal Corp origins...and stuff.

TigreStryke (Inactive) - Mutant/Scrapper (Katana/Reflex)- Protector
Lady Laysa (Hell Katz) - Mutant/Blaster (Energy/Energy) - Virtue
Graviant - Science/Controller (Gravity/Radiation) - Virtue