TigreStryke-Stryke Hard...Stryke Fast




I was originally going to level TigreStryke at the same rate as Lady Laysa, but I've had better luck getting teams and friends on Virtue than on Protector...it's probably just a timing thing, no big deal. Anyway, remember..I was bored at work when I wrote this:

Thomas Strickland was born a monster. That’s what his parents, Michael and Amy Strickland thought. Who wouldn’t? A prehensile tail? White, glowing eyes? Orange skin? They were warned that the experimental fertility drug they volunteered to be test subjects for may have unexpected results. Thomas was sent to a secret research facility for testing, as he was the first newborn to survive. His parents were all to happy…and then, they too disappeared.
Thomas, as it turns out, was only monstrous in appearance. He was highly intelligent, extremely fast reflexes and took to both hand-to-hand and swordsmanship at an early age. His cat like grace, patience and ferocity during combat training earned him the name TigreStryke.
The 5th Column scientists and Dr.Vahzilok created the experimental drug that was given to his parents under a short-lived joint venture. This unholy alliance was doomed to a quick demise solely based on the wildly differing goals of the factions involved. The 5th Column was looking for a way to create the next super soldier that looked and acted in a manner that served their goals. Dr. Vahzilok was attempting to create a carrier of disease that looked human and would be able to infect all it touches without being detected…the perfect vector. With both factions secretly manipulating the formula, neither could have realized that the resulting treatment would culminate in the ultimate fighting machine.
TigreStryke soon found out that he was a result of unauthorized and highly illegal genetic tampering and that his parents were kidnapped and still possibly alive. He has recently escaped from the secret compound beneath Galaxy City and is making his way through The 5th Column and Dr Vahzilok’s minions in order to find the truth about his parents…and himself…with the help of his teammates, Cannucks, INC.

Katana/Super Reflexes Mutant Scrapper

TigreStryke (Inactive) - Mutant/Scrapper (Katana/Reflex)- Protector
Lady Laysa (Hell Katz) - Mutant/Blaster (Energy/Energy) - Virtue
Graviant - Science/Controller (Gravity/Radiation) - Virtue