My new Hero's Backround Story




Say Guys and Gals what do you think of my new hero's story.

The Story of Asterisk

Ron Cable had a reputation as expert programmer\hacker depending on which circles you walked. Perhaps to good a reputation as he came to the attention of the ClockWork King. The King sent some of his minions to get Ron. The Sprockets found Ron late one night at his apartment working on his advanced anti-virus program A fight ensued and Ron was captured but not before he was able to take out one of the minions by throwing him into his computer. Through this accident or perhaps fate Asterisk was born as it were.

His first memory is of seeing his creator, the one he was made to protect being dragged away, for somehow the program that Ron was working on got transferred to the sprocket's body. Over weeks the program explored his new environment and as it did the program evolved into something more than it's original purpose so to the body in which it resides. Mastering the use of the form it is was in it took to the streets looking to save his creator and destroy the ClockWork King.

Eventually it located some the Clockwork's minions trying to abduct someone and promptly attacked them. Destroying them and collecting information from the remains. When the task was complete it turned to go but the person whom it had saved yelled "What is your name? So I may tell others who saved me." The program computed this query then replied "Asterisk" for the asterisk is used as an unknown variable in computer language and the Clockwork King truly was not expecting him. Then off into the night he walked.



It gave me chills, but are you saying your Hero is an old Sprocket baddie?



My hero started as a computer program that by accident got transfered into a sprockets body.