the origin of Sylpher




meh, finally got around to it. now im not much of a writer(at least my last english teacher didn't think so...) but i had fun with this. please try to look past the grammatical/spelling/punctuation errors and tell me why the content sucks.

oh, and i wrote it in notepad cause i'm at a lan cafe w/o any writing programs ><. so if it looks weird(spacing etc.) that's why. hope you enjoy it!

i am Sylpher. i was developed in a laboratory in a solar
system 21,046 lightyears from this planet your people call
earth. i am what is known in my system as an evolutionary
enforcer. i represent my people on this planet earth.
i am the product of an act passed by my government called the
equal opportunity for evolution act. the act states that
we(the phlanthosians) as an advanced race must ensure that
each other race in this dimension get an equal oportunity to
make of their civilization what they may without any
outside interference. while it is impossible to do this
without influencing their society at all, we are obliged to
try our best to keep others from intruding on the process.

i was created as soon as our leaders fortold us of the Rikti
invasion soon to take place. because of the need to be
present when the invasion began i was unable to recieve
complete training in my abilities. it was neccessary that i
reach earth as soon as possible. i arrived the same day the
portals began to open above paragon city. as soon as i landed
it was obvious that i would have a difficult time with my
mission. there were more Rikti than our leaders had told us
of. i could not prevent the destruction that fell upon the
city. my lack of training ment that i was nearly useless
in the fight between the local 'Heroes' and the Rikti forces.
i watched in what humans have described to me as being horror
as my mission escalated in difficulty as more and more portals
opened. it was obvious to me that i couldn't possibly do
what i was sent here to do.

i contacted my homeworld's leaders and asked them what they
wished me to do. they held a meeting of the minds and decided
that i should remain on earth. they told me that if i continued
fighting the Rikti, i would naturally learn everything
the training i had missed would have taught me. it would take
much longer but i would learn on my own what i needed to
defeat the Rikti.

after i had listened to their decision i started my new mission.
i continued fighting against the Rikti and began learning about
my inbred abilities. i learned i had an innate gift to control the
forces of gravity. i also found that i could use my ability to
gravity to pull particles in the air together and
form shieldlike bubbles around fellow 'heroes' and myself. i
could call specific particles resistant so certain substances
into a bubble designed to protect someone from that substance.

during my many encounters with the Rikti i ran into many of the
local 'Heroes' of paragon city. they informed me of a few
of the other presences in the city such as the Tsoo and
the Vahzilok. i grew to be friends with a few of these 'heroes'
and began helping them with their struggle against these other
"forces of evil" as they called them. a week after my first
clash with the skulls, a gang of misfits terrorizing the people
of paragon, i got a message from my homeworld's leaders.

the message informed me that i had been convicted of the crime of
interfering with another race's evolutionary track. i had
24 hours to return to our homeworld and then i would serve
a sentence of 3,200 years at the algotheran repentance station
on the planet artienis.

i was thuroughly distraught. i had been created to protect the
people of this planet from the Rikti. in my time on earth i
had grown mentally attached to a few of the 'heroes' i had
asscociated with. they had taken me in and shown me all their
planet, their society had to offer. i helped them rid earth
of a few uncontributing individuals and i was being punished for
it. i didn't understand how my deeds had warranted this. it
didn't make sense to me why i wasn't supposed to remove all
of the antagonizers. why only remove the Rikti? why not help
them with ALL of their problems? they had decided to punish me
by removing me from earth for 3,200 years. a miniscule amount
of time to my kind. what they were really doing was taking
me from my newfound 'friends'. i would never be able to
see them again.

i decided within the hour that i would not return home. i
decided that the leaders were wrong. i decided to stay and
help rid this world of ALL it's problems whether my people
felt it was right or not. i understood that some may call
me 'selfish' for my decision. i decided i didn't care.

i would stay in paragon city and fight for a better world.