Singular event




Journal - Date: 0407.13 3rd Dimension/Sol/Earth/Paragon City
Tesseract-Kid reporting
I had stopped off at City Hall in the Atlas Park sector to visit a friend I had met when I first arrived in the 3rd dimensional version of my home.
Suddenly, I heard crys for help from other heros over the EBN (Emergency Broadcast Net). There was an attack happening at the front steps of City Hall.
Quickly I folded myself in the Tesseract Effect, warping space/time so I could arrive in seconds. And there it was... a self forming quantum singularity. My first reaction was to search for the villian responsible for attacking the hero's I saw there. (two were down at the time, a vampire and an attractive female [note to self - get her number])
With no villian in sight I was perplexed. I am very aware that quantum singularities don't spawn out of nothing. They require massive fluxuations of gravity, time and space to create. But the source eluded me. While warning the fledgling heros away, I scanned the area for possible causes. The Police Drones all appeared to be functioning properly. I believe they lack the raw power to create a singularity anyway, but I checked to be sure anyway.
No, whatever was causing this was not in this sector. I could see the tesseract reacting to the generation of the QS.
I suspect that the Portal Group may have been running illegal tests. I will have to investigate them further...

End Report

--based on events that actually happened on Freedom Server last night at around Mid-night--