Looking for help on fleshing out backstory




I am looking for some help in fleshing out the backstory on my energy/energy blaster that I have started. The powers I pick as he levels up are going to be based on this backstory.

He hasn't said much about how he came to be here in Paragon City other than that it was a scientific experiment gone horribly wrong. All that is known is that he appeared shortly after the finish of the war with the Ricti. He has very few close friends, feeling very alone.

It is known that he comes from a very different plane of existance. The beings from his planet have evolved with the ability to be able to slowly absorb background energy and release it in controlled bursts. Physical violence is very uncommon there. However, contests of skill involving the release of energy at distant targets are very common. In emergencies, they also have the ability to focus the energy in their extremities.

Since coming to this world he has been at times startled, shocked and dismayed at the way the heroes of the world at times ignore the crime on the street. He has also been impressed with the way citizens, despite the crime and violence, go about their ordinary lives. Inspired, he is determined to help them, and has found ways to use the skills picked up in contests on his home planet to help here.

Anyways, here is his build as I have mapped so far. I am only up to level 4, so there is still a lot of room to play. I think that I have managed to keep the build somewhat within my self-imposed limits of the backstory.


Slot[01] Level 1 (Starting Primary) : Power Blast
Slot[02] Level 1 (Starting Secondary) : Power Thrust
Slot[03] Level 2 : Power Bolt
Slot[04] Level 4 : Build Up
Slot[05] Level 6 : Hasten
Slot[06] Level 8 : Sniper Blast
Slot[07] Level 10 : Stealth
Slot[08] Level 12 : Aim
Slot[09] Level 14 : Super Speed
Slot[10] Level 16 : Conserve Power
Slot[11] Level 18 : Power Push
Slot[12] Level 20 : Invisibility
Slot[13] Level 22 : Phase Shift