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Hi all,

What's your hero background? I created mine today. I did post this elsewhere but it was greeted with uncessary hostility by a random bloke. *shrug*

Firstly here's a pic of Weds:


Now, some in-game pics:


And now, her background/info:

Age: 24
Height: 5'10"
Technology Origin
Assault Rifle / Fire

Deep, dark and fiercely intelligent.. but too cold for most people to approach. Her professionalism is often mistaken for unfriendliness. Wednesday is not an unfriendly girl, she just treats all people as "neutral". She also tends to be sarcastic. Because no one has ever seen her smile, her colleagues often wonder if she even has a heart.

What they don't know, is that beneath her cool exterior she does have feelings. But thanks to a painful history she prefers to keep herself closed in, she tends to stay focused on her objectives.

Wednesday uses the assault rifle with deadly accuracy. It was her keen eye and sharp shooting, her amazing ability to keep her cool in any situation, that granted her the attention of a top ranking general when he was visiting Atlas Park police station. Thanks to general Barnes, Wednesday is now climbing the ranks in a top secret military project, testing new technology enhancements whilst fighting crime.

On the streets, she only comes close to showing emotion when fighting the freakshow - her eyes turn blacker than black and she shows them even less mercy than other opponents. Known only to her is her ultimate objective: shut down the freaks completely, even killing them if need be. Afterall, they took everything from her. Her Mother, her Father, and the only woman she had ever loved. She won't rest until they are completely destroyed.



I read your inspiration and a little background info in another thread, and I instantly took a liking to Wednesday. I have to ask... are you a fan of the Addams Family? Anyway, I like the screenshots. Long live the cold, professional lady killer.



The inspirations for these charaters can be found on another thread their stories are here, no pics as yet though sorry.

The English Lion:

The English Lion is more a title than a name, a title that stretchs back to the height of the crusades. Both sides fought long and Hard at the walls of the Holy city. For either to fail was to fail God himself, both sides commited Atrocities that in these civilised times were considered inexcusably barbaric, but this was the world as it was. In this hell on earth created in the name of God a man grew into something of a Legend. A single English knight was discovered to have wreaked carnage upon foes many times his own number both time and time again. His observes Claimed the Man 'fought like a Lion' he took up the name with pride. This man ws called Sir. Micheal he was to become the first of a line.

For this was a time when the bravest and strongest of men were needed and such a living legend could not be allowed to merely disapear under the sands of time and the desrt. Cloaked men, brought forth a blade. Where it came from, forged anew or anceint it did not matter it was presented to Sir. Micheal in recognition of his skills and bravery. Whomever held this balde it seem was born a new and immortal for the blade would not let its bearer die, such were the potent magiks weaved into it. Thus Micheal slew in the name of his God, King and Country and bequethed unto the blade the name 'Lionheart' in tribute to his Earthly lord.

Potent as the balde was it would later appear that there was more to it. the magics grew with the weilders skill, providing boundless energy, the power of flight and many another talant. It was here Sir. Micheals fall from grace was assured, for power corrupts and Sir. Micheal became addicted to it. But since the power of the blade grew with conquest and Glory, Micheal became instead addicted to battle. The Atrocities ceased to be for higher Ideals and instead became the reason in and of themselves.

This state of affairs was halted however, this red rain that swamped the golden glory under a deep crison abated only upon the death of his wife. Micheal had become a living avatar of carnage and such had not noticed the passing of the years, he merely moved form one battle to the next, after all tiem was for mortal men, his Sword protected him. The Shock drove him out of his madness, and he swore to never again kill.

In time his mind healed and he began to love again, and as is the way of things he married and raised a son and Daughter. The Son Richard was fated to become the next English Lion for it came that he nd his siter fell victum to banditry upon the roads desperate to defend himself it seemed that the Blade Lionheart answered perhaps out of disgust for its time spent Idle. With its power Richard slew his foes and felt the rush of power. Later he proved unable to resummon the balde although upon returning home he found his Farther prepared to instruct him in the ways of war and nobility.

Micheal became dedicated to ensuring his son should not become the beast in mans form that Micheal himself had become, and developed a mighty and noble champion much loved in the area for his stand against the banditry that plauged the populace, Richard and Micheal became Lion and Cub. This continued untill the onset of Richards 21st birthday when he too had married and had a wife abnd famialy. However there was no celbration for his mother lay dying. And Micheal lay beside him self with greif but no older or weaker than since he first lifted the balde. Faced with the terrible knowledge that this would happen again, and then again.

Inspiration struck though, the Blade had accepted Richard before would it do so again? In a silent cermony within the family home Micheal passed on the balde to Richard. And teh son thought long and hard, for the Blade is a Burden as well as a blessing. He accepted in order to give his farther peace. No sooner had Richard declared his acceptence than his farther was visted upon by all that the blade had saved him from, Arrow, sword, axe, hammer, oils and flame al fell upon him at the once. Richard saw in that terrible moment the true nature of war the widowmaker.

The tradition still stands, the blade still exists, passed down from farther to son, each Lion records his life within the 'Diaries' so that each later Lion can learn from their mistakes.

The latest son now prowls Paragon sent from England on her majastys request he fights for God, Queen and Country within a city far from all, he rarely strikes to kill for he fears what he might become. Bred for glory, trained for war and dedicted to all that is more than one man. The English Lion now faces the task of living up to the ghosts of those who went before andthose who will come herafter.

(this is just one of my three 'Mains' but I reckon its enough for nowthe others my pop up later. Sorry its longwinded Lion is my 'Epic' figure. Consider this still a Work in progress.)