Kill-Shot. Field Report #1




Well, I'm here and it's a mess. Good old Terra Firma. Earth. Home sweet home. It's rough here and honestly I'm not sure what kind of a difference I or any can make at this point. The people here in Paragon are doing their best to get on with things since the Rikti invasion, but everyone knows we're in trouble. Most of my time here has been devoted to just patrolling the streets. You can't throw a rock without hitting some new hero doing everything they can to keep this city safe, but for every one of them there are at least another ten, gang members or evil robots, or who knows whats next.

On a lighter more personal note, the suit is busted. When I got here the anti-grav unti was useless. I just rigged it to hover and I am sory to report it is slow. Hopefully I can work this out soon and actually fly again. Although, having run every square inch of Atlas Park and King's Row, I can tell you I'm in great shape. Not to mention the fact that I am finally back to normal gravity.

I'll try to send another report soon, but I have just been assigned duties in Perez Park, and by the looks of things, I may be stuck there for a while.

It is good to be home though.