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(( Hey whats up. I am about to share my little background of my favorite character I play with. I am no writer so it may have some grammer mistakes but since this was my favorite hero I decided to give him some background. So dont judge it to harsh but I would like to know what yall think about it and what kind of work need to be done with it so I can go into a nice little 6 chapter story like the famous Sly Fox. Thanks))

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((updated bio))

Real Name: Jamal Jones
Identity: Public
Legal Status: Citizen of the United States with Juvenile Record
Other aliases: J.J. or Hooks(the way he fight)
Place of Birth: Kings Row, Paragon City
Known Relatives: Larry and Shirley Jones(father and mother,deceased), Corbin Jones(big brother,deceased), L.J and Amber Jones(little brother and sister), Lizzie Jones(grandmother)
Group Affiliation: Shinsengumi Yonbantai (Shinsengumi 4th Unit)

History: Jamal Jones grew up here on the streets of Paragon City, Kings Row that is. He was different from all the kids he grew up with. He was your so called mutant with unimaginable abilities. The mutated cells of his body gave him the strength of ten man and over time his skin became resistant to things that harmed a normal man. He was a gifted lad and Kings Row loved him. But when he became a teen his powers got to his head and he would run around using his powers for no good. Soon Corbin Jones, Jamal's big brother, found out what Jamal was doing and he wouldnt allow it. So Corbin soon set him straight. Corbin was Jamal's true stength. Even tho Jamal was 10x stronger than him and 2x bigger than him Corbin was always the strongest and the wises out of the two. Jamals life went great as he grew older. His father became a successful as a cop and he mother just had twins, Larry Jr. and Amber Jones. Life was great for the Jones untill the rising of the gang war between the local gangs the Skulls and the Hellions. Jamal's life fell after two horrible incedents before his 16 birthday.

Larry Jones, Jamal's father, was a under cover cop for Paragon Cities finest. He pretty well known around Paragon City with his amazing ability to crack up any case. Until one day one of his major cases went wrong. He was assigned a job on the local gang war. He have been giving a major lead to where this big war was going to go down. Him and his partner went to the war where both of the gangs where going to have there showdown but both gangs new they where coming. Somebody had sold my father out. We have yet to learn but when my father and his partner got there they became easy prey for the local street gangs. The cops found him laying dead in that warehouse that morning.

Jamal's mother, Shirley Jones, did not take her husband death to well. A month later she became addicted to the former drug that once terrized the streets. This drug was known as Supes. His mom became crazy. She thought she became strong and invincible like Jamal. Things was getting to crazy around the house so Corbin and Jamal left with their younger brother and sister and went to be with their grandmother, Lizzie Jones. A few months after they left, a month before Jamal's birthday, they found out that his mother died of an over dose. If it wasn't for his brother Corbin still being there Jamal would have went on a killing spree on the local street gangs.

So to take away the pain Corbin and Jamal went to work to provide for their younger brother and sister. They worked at some local warehouse and made pretty good money to provide for there family. Things were going well for Jamal Jones. It has been two years since what happen to his mom and dad but his brother Corbin has made things much better for him and his siblings. It is May 22, 2002 and schools has finally ended for Jamal. He will be starting college this fall at Paragon City University. His life is back what it use to be, so he thinks.

On May 23, 2002 around the whole world thousands rings of fire appeared in the sky. Nobody did not understand what was going on. Everything went into a frenzy around Paragon city. That night at 7:30 unknown beings began to pour out like rain killing everything insight. Corbin saw them first on the way back home from picking up L.J and Amber. He threw them into Jamal's arms and told him to take them home as quick as possible and lock them into the house then come back and help protect the KR. Jamal ran home as quick as he can steam of beautiful lighting coming from his body. He locked his brother and sister in the house and raced right back to Corbin. With Corbin was a bunch of friends that he grew up with all in a huddle planing what to do. Then out of no where a large energy beam head straight for them. Jamal ran as quick as he could to leap in front of the boys but it was to late the beam hit the huddle and their bodies scatttered everywhere. He rushed through the bodies trying to find Corbin. He found him in a pile of rubble and as fast as he ever ran before Jamal rushed him to the hospital. He was still alive but horribly wounded. Jamal left at the hospital that night and he went to go hunt for some aliens. That morning he back to the hospital with cuts and bumps on him even though he went through war out there. He by passed the nurse who tried to stop him and headed straight for Corbins room. Corbin was not there. He began to search the whole hospital but his big brother was no where in site. He ran to the nurse and asked where was his brother and she pulled up a chair and told him what happen that night he left. Like many other wounded, Corbin was taking by some alien foot soldiers that came in that night. Jamal went on a rampage that afternoon killing every allien in his way trying to find his brother. He went on with no sleep, nothing to eat untill the invasion subside and they left. He never found his brother. He went back home to his grandmother and little brother and sister to tell them the news. It was hard for them to go back to their normal life. It was hard for everybody in the world but they did. Jamal went back to work to try to provide things for his siblings.

2 years have past and they still mourn for the death of Corbin but things have gotten better. Jamal began to help fellow heroes rebuild the city but he always kept his family first, always being there for them when they need him. One day Jamal was walking home his brother and sister from school when the saw a Lost standing near the house. Jamal told his siblings to run around the block to the back door of the house. When they were far out of site Jamal turned his brother's black cap he was wearing to the back and screamed out "Dis iz fo da KR!" and he then leaped in to battle with the huge lost in front of his house. After a long fight Jamal killed the Lost. He begin to examine it to see what was the reason it came. A few minute later Jamal saw something familiar on the Lost's chest. He look closely and saw the same fist tattoo that was once on his brother Corbin's chest. He took of the football helmet of the Lost and saw its face. Even though it was begin to look like the aliens who invaded 2 years ago he saw some of his brother's features in it. Jamal fell to his knees beside the Lost realizing that this was Corbin. As he pulled his brother's body toward him Jamal sweared to himself and his brother that this will never happen to his younger brother and sister or anybody out there in the world. He promised his brother that he would always use his power for good and it was time for him to keep that promise. He went out to bury he brother's body in the back yard and then went in the house to get His brother's football shoulder pads and black fist tank-top. He told his grandmother to watch L.J and Amber for him and he was soon off into the night.

((Thank you for reading it. So hit J.J. up some times. He is a cool guy and have a weakness for girls I heard. *wink*))



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