The Adventures of Carrotman!




Hi there, and welcome to my post! This is how this thread works: It starts with me writing a short biography of Carrotman(tm) and a short adventure. From then on, all you readers have to make a short adventure (or part of an adventure) that is somehow linked to the last posters adventure. Please dont use much profanity, and have fun! (and make it dorky!)

Bob Bobson, at age 16, ate a radioactive carrot. It allowed him to shoot orange beams of energy out of his eyes, see through walls, have zoom in vision and be an incredibly weak target to all villains of every type! On his first day as a hero, he was having a good day. He ate his carrots for breakfast, went down to Freedom Plaza, got a superhero license,(they spelled Carrot with 3 rs but he didnt care)ate a healthful carrot burger for lunch and was off. He eagerly looked around, waiting for some purse-snatchers to show up or some zombies to crawl out of the sewers. For some reason, everyone had a funny look on their face when they saw his stupid, orange, lined, carrot shaped costume. Weird, huh? Anyways, he finally saw some funky lookin' little robots carrying parts of a car. They blasted him with electricity! He shot eyebeams at them and scorched another heroes leg. The hero whipped out a katana and sliced the robots apart. "I am known as The One and Only," said the ninja-hero. "Why have you blasted my leg? Where I am from, that is a way of saying you wish to duel. Do you want to battle?" "Uhh...." Carrrotman said, surprised. "Then it is settled!" said the One and Only. "Follow me. We shall duel here." "Why did he say 'battle?' I always thought dual meant two." thought Carrrotman. Yes, he really is an idiot isn't he?