Tormented Soul Journal 1




The past few days have been very busy. I have gained much knowledge (lvl 7 now) about the Vahzilok and have even fought a Main Boss in Kings row..Patchwork was his name. Me and Doctor Halcion have cleared out most of the vahzilok in galaxy city and have turned our sites to Kings Row, a major infestation there, and even a bit of steel canyon.Our new super group Decadence has been a great help in ridding paragon of the vahzilok with there high experience (Demon Queller is 24 and Darksanction is 27) in fighting these monsters and others like them. I witnessed The Lost for the first time today and have added them to my list to be destroyed. I will find out who is behind turning poor homeless people into hideous monsters against there will and put an end to it. Last but not least my gifts from Doctor Halcion, my robotic hands, have been upgraded and are THANKFULLY more accurate now. Its a slow process learning how to throw punches again..but it gets easier with time.( i will update again and make this story ongoing i promise..a update at least once a week. thx for reading my story)