Origin Of Tortured Soul




After training in Isshin-Ryu for three weeks om Talos Island i returned to my labratory to find my mentor Zombies rushed at me and i was overwhelmed. As i lay there near death Decadence leaders Demon Queller and Darksanction,who were fighting 5TH column across the street, heard the commotion and came inside to help usfight these patchwork human bodies. I died in the arms of my mentor shortly after the rescue from Decadence... only to be reborn by Doctor Helcion and his knowledge of regeneration.My body had been turned into living armor as a result of Deaths touch on my soul and my hands are but pistons and gears,gifts of Doctor Helcion. I live only to kill those responsible for my Death and and any who choose to help..The Vahzilok. (please look for me on the freedom server and read Doctor Helcions post for his origin as well. i will keep updates on the story)