Origin of Angelman





15,000 BC

High up, somewhere between the stratosphere and the edge of space, a battle ensues…

Belarus had made visual contact with the Fallen as they swooped downward along the side of a great mountain that stood an incredible thirty miles in height.

The Fallen quickly approached Belarus who stood between them and the Portal.

The Fallen numbered at six thousand and the speed at which they flew was almost as a blur.

Belarus was not alone as he was accompanied by a squad of six Archangels. Actually the Archangels were not alone because Belarus led them in battle as their commander.

The Archangels of God, are elite warriors. One Archangel is powerful enough to chase a thousand lesser Angels.

“Quickly, cover us!” shouted Belarus as he dodged balls of
fire that hurled towards him.

At this point only about five thousand feet separated Belarus and the six , from the Fallen.

Belarus and the six flew in formation. Timothy, Micah, Azul, and Anthony guarded the rear. In the front was
Belarus with Josiah on his left and Seth to the right.

Upwards they flew to meet the Fallen for battle.

The Portal stood over a sandy area between the great tall mountain and an ocean.

The Portal stood twenty feet in height and twelve feet in width, yet its thickness about only a half inch thick.

Looking into the mouth of the Portal, all one can see is blue sky. No glowing lights or anything spectacular.

The other side of the Portal is the physical world known as Earth, where mankind lives. The unseen dimension of Earth is where the Angels and Fallen Angels make their residence.

It is in the unseen spiritual side of Earth that Belarus and his squad of six, prepare to defend the Portal from the Fallen, who would love to wreck havoc on all mankind, should they pass on through.

The four Angels at the rear stretched forth their hands toward Belarus, Josiah, Seth, then towards themselves causing a green beam of light energy to envelop them.

At once a transparent layer of green colored glass covered them up in the shape of a globe.

As this glass covered them, Belarus then shouted to Josiah and Seth,

“Draw your swords and ready for battle!”

Belarus, Josiah, and Seth drew their swords but not just any swords, no.

The swords they held were forged by God himself. These swords were flaming swords. Yes, swords of fire that never died out. They were the only way to defeat the forces of evil that came against them.

Thousands of fireballs shot forth from the hordes of hell whose powers became corrupt and weakened ages ago when they, along with their leader Lucifer (Satan), had a falling out with God.

The fireballs bounced off the green colored globe and none of the Archangels were being harmed.

First Belarus stretched his right hand forth which held the sword, aiming for the Fallen that were seconds away from him.

Next Josiah and Seth crossed their swords on top of Belarus’ sword, so that all swords touched.

Then in unison they moved their swords together drawing an imaginary circle around the Fallen that were almost upon them.

The imaginary circle they drew into thin air immediately filled in with fire, and then they thrust the swords upward towards the Fallen, then a blinding explosion.

The screams were piercing as all six thousand Fallen were destroyed in an instant.

Origin of Angelman

8000 BC

Somewhere in the Middle East…

Alexander saw a clearing in the distance, within a stones throw.

He had been hunting in the woods since dawn and has caught enough game to feed his family. Now Alexander was heading home and it was late in the afternoon, almost dusk.

As Alexander neared the clearing, he started hearing laughter, followed briefly by terrifying screams of a female.

The laughter sounded like two or more male voices. As he entered the clearing in the woods, he saw four men having their way with the woman. One of the men was mounted on her, two of the men held down the woman’s hands, and the third was to the side, looking down on the woman.

The woman was pinned down, screaming as she is being punched in the face and told to shut up.

“Stop, please stop. I don’t want to die. Bastards you killed him!” sobbed the woman uncontrollably.

Lying about ten feet away in a pool of blood was a young man. He seemed to be dead.

“Just shut up and let us do our business woman. The more you resist, the more pain you will feel!” shouted one of the men.

Then the men burst into laughter. Focused on the girl, they don’t see that Alexander comes up behind the man who is standing to the side and watching.
Alexander grabs the mans head with both hands and snaps the neck. Immediately the man drops dead.

Alexander then proceeds to reach down over the man who has mounted the woman. He grabs the mans neck with his left hand while at the same time kicking the man in the head, who held the woman’s right arm down.

At an instant the man’s head was bashed inward and he collapses to the ground, while the other one who is held by the neck, is flung backwards about fifteen feet with incredible force. The man flew into one of the trees at the edge of the clearing and seemed dead.

The man holding the left arm down let go of it and started trembling and backing up while stumbling.

He started crying saying “Please don’t hurt me, it wasn’t my idea. They made me do it. I’m sorry”

All the while Alexander inched forward towards him.

Alexander said “What have you done to this woman? What have you done to the young man? Shall I spare your wicked life?”

“I didn’t kill the man, it was Joab over there,” said the man pointing to the one who was thrown against the tree.

Alexander responded, “There is no law around this part of the land so that you could be tried and punished for your wickedness, but I have a gift.”

Alexander pauses to study the man before him. The only one left alive.

“This gift of mine is given from above and I must use this gift or else it might be taken away. You see, I am compelled to rid this lawless land of evil doers such as yourself.
Those of you who think of ways of how you can murder the helpless and **** the innocent, you need to be cut off.”

Alexander pauses again, all while the man cries like a baby pleading for his life.

Alexander looks the man in the eyes and says,” Did you spare the young man lying over there in a pool of his own blood? Did you spare him when he begged for his life? Did you show mercy to this man? A soon to be father of this bride that you have violated?”

“It wasn’t me who killed him,” said the man.

Alexander responds, “I see inside your heart, but can find no good in it. Your heart is black as hell itself. I see this. It is my gift.”

Alexander pauses yet again, and then speaks again.

“I will give you a choice. Something you did not give to the young man or woman. Your life may yet be spared if you make the right choice.”

“I will do anything, what is my choice?” cried the man.

Alexander then picks up a bloody dagger that lay by the woman, who by now had gotten up and was sobbing over the dead body of the young man.

“Choice number one: take this dagger, and kill yourself.”

“Choice number two: cut off your lower member and both your hands. This way you will not ever again violate a woman, and with no hands, you will not be able to hold a woman’s arm down, while another violates her.”

“If you choose number two, then your life will be spared, which is something that your three friends didn’t get. The choice is yours but know that if you refuse number two, then you will choose number one. If you then refuse to kill yourself, I then will kill you. There is no other way, you must decide, now.”

Suddenly the man turned white like a ghost and ran the other way but Alexander caught him by the hair and pulled him down to the ground.

The man cried out “I don’t want to die”

Alexander responds “Then choose not to die, it’s your choice and you will make it now! Hurry up I am hungry and must go home to feed my family.”

Alexander extends the dagger to the man, and then the man takes the dagger in his right hand while sobbing.

In a desperate move the man raises the dagger and tries to plunge it into Alexander’s heart.

Alexander catches the mans right hand before it stabs him with the dagger, then smoothly arcs the dagger downward and back towards the man. The dagger plunges into the mans stomach. The man curses and breaths his last gasp of air before he dies.

Alexander attends to the woman, and then buries the young man with a pile of rocks. He then takes the woman to his village where his wife takes her in, to care for her wounds.

Later that night Alexander’s mother goes to his tent with news that his father is near death. Belarus had been sick for many months now, but now the end is near.

Quickly Alexander goes to his parent’s tent to see his father.

Sarah, Alexander’s mother was crying and had said her goodbyes to Belarus. She then left Belarus and Alexander alone, for Belarus had something important to discuss about Alexander’s destiny.

Belarus wondered how things could go so wrong. He was but a shadow of his former self.

Belarus no longer held status of Archangel, or even an Angel for that matter. In fact he resembled more a mortal than anything Angelic.

Belarus as an Archangel stood a commanding twelve feet tall, arrayed in white garments. Over the garments he wore gold plated armor that was unique to the Archangel. He had long flowing blonde hair. His skin was white, but not human white skin. His white skin was literally white like the snow, and he had blue eyes.

It has been about nine hundred years since Belarus, along with the six, broke away from God. Belarus is the only one left alive. Seth was the last of the six to have died. He died two years ago of old age as the rest of them did prior.

Now on his death bed, Belarus looks up to his son. His eyes welling up with tears, he studies his son’s face.

It seemed like yesterday when the man before his eyes was just a baby. He remembered fondly how he cradled Alexander in his arms. He remembers the joy of raising the boy and instructing him in the ways of God, even though Belarus himself was lost.

“My son, the time of my departure from this life is at hand, but I want to tell you a few things before I go.”

“Go ahead father, I’m listening,” said Alexander with a shaky voice.

“Son, I know you always wondered why you were so different from most of the kids you played with, centuries ago. You knew it so because of who I was… What I was.”

“Yes father, you already…”

Belarus cut him off, “I know but it’s been a few hundred years since we have talked about this and I left some things unsaid. Now I must tell you everything.”

Belarus had a fit of coughing. When he regained his composure he continued…

“Alex, You know that for thousands of years I was left in charge of one of the dimensional portals. A great responsibility to bear, but also a high honor.”

“Yes father.”

“Son, I was a warrior once, like you. I see myself in you. Anyway, there was a time when I always did the right thing. I managed to repel the Fallen Angels, thousands of times over, in order to protect this world from evil.”

More fits of coughing and wheezing. Then Belarus continued again…

“I was highly respected by my peers and friends. I was considered one the the mightiest Angels, and not just an Angel, but an Archangel. The most powerful warriors of God are the Archangels.”

“Being as this was so, and with all the admiration and respect that I received, I know it went to my head,” then a long pause…

For a minute Belarus seemed to loose his thoughts, then he continued as Alexander listened.

“Bear in mind that being left to guard the Portal was not my only job. I also was held accountable for the area over which the Portal to this side of the world stands.”

“To put it another way, me and also your uncles Seth, Josiah, Azul, Timothy, Micah, and Anthony, we could come and go through the Portal in order to do God’s bidding. We were God’s eyes and ears.”

“Father I know these things, you already have told me,” Belarus cut off his son again.

“Yes, but here I will tell you what I have not told you. You see, I did not leave on good terms with God as you have thought all these years. In fact, had I followed God’s will, you then should never have existed.”

A puzzled and stunned look fell over Alexander’s face.

“What father? I don’t understand,” said Alexander.

“Let me explain Alex,” said Belarus with a sigh…

“One day, about nine hundred years ago, your uncles and I did the unthinkable. It was never done before or after, but what we did was a grave thing in the sight of our God,”

Another fit of Coughing

“You still there Alex?”

Alexander realized that his father’s vision was failing him and death was near.

“Yes, I’m still here, go on,” said Alexander

“At first it started as a thought, then a discussion, and finally it came to actually doing the deed, from which there was no turning back. Alex, one day your uncles and I descended among the humans and each of us took women for ourselves. We took whomever we desired, even at the cost of violence. We had sexual intercourse with the women and made them wives.”

“This Alex was an abomination to God, and all these years I led you to believe otherwise. You see, God always had strictly forbidden sexual relations of any kind for Angels, not to mention sex with mortals. The reason being that being in God’s presence required purity and holiness,”

A gasp for air…

“Mortals are born with sin. All of mankind is tainted with sin, and the act of joining an Angel with tainted mortals, would in turn taint the Angel, thus making it impossible for that Angel to ever stand before God again.”

“I fell because I saw how the daughters of men were beautiful. Lust and strange thoughts were found in me and it clouded my judgment and reasoning.”

“Afterward I realized the severity of the situation when my powers were greatly decreased and I could no longer go back to the spiritual world.”

“God sent a messenger Angel to me and said, thus says the Lord, you have gone against my will, to covet that which was not in your place to do. You knowing what you know, went against me. You have said in your heart that you wanted to know what it was like to feel like a mortal. Well, like a mortal shall you live, but like a mortal you shall also die.”

Belarus pauses, and then continues…

“So you see I was supposed to live eternally to serve God, but now I will never see him again. Yet in spite of all this I love you son, and you are the only good thing to come from all this mess. I don’t regret calling you son and the last thing I wish to see is your face before I go.”

“Son, you are half man and half Angel. Well actually half man and half Archangel. That is why you have strength and powers far beyond that of mortal man.

Your powers grow stronger through the centuries so I know God has not taken my sins out on you, so what I’m trying to say is, do well with what God allowed you to retain. Don’t use your powers for evil or your own ends. Every time you are tempted to stray, remember me. Already you are considered a hero, as are your uncle’s sons. You have become legends amongst the peoples of this land. Son, you have the strength of one hundred men and have some control of the elements. At the rate your powers are increasing, one day you may well be flying like the eagles in the sky, but remember to help the helpless like you have been doing and punishing the wicked with just retribution.”

“Son, I believe God is indirectly using you as an instrument of good for fighting the evils of this world. You have not aged since reaching your twenty’s. I was told by the messenger Angel that you would never experience death, so long as you continue on the path that you have been on. I am but a shadow of my former self. The light in me became darkness, but now I see that the light inside of you has cast a reflection on me. Never forget that not only are you a man with a soul, but you are also an Angel. My son, the Angelman!

“Father,” cried Alexander.

“The Messenger Angel told me a few good things concerning your future that I cannot reveal to you, but know that through you, I finally have my redemption”…

Another fit of coughing

“Now I must” then silence.

Belarus died, and Alexander in his heart swore to abide by what his father told him.

Alexander cried all that night and the following day buried his father.