OOC - Competitve Rp, SG idea.




I'm not completely sure how this would work, but here's the gist of my idea. An SG where leadership rotates based on how much influence you have, not level or founder. The characters would have to be some sort of power hungry mafia family or rulers of some sort. Think, Nine princes of Amber, Godfather, any setting where people are tied to eachother, yet are always schemeing and vying for power.

So once a month, we have a leadership (Counsel, Family etc.) meeting. Someone of a lower level checks everyone's influence in the trade menu and the new leader is determined.

Of course there should be rewards for becoming leader and requirements (tribue?) to become an officer (Capo, prince, duke, champion, etc.)

The logistics can all be worked out, such as one night a week mandatory meeting, what server do we want (Virtue?), what the RP setting is etc. If you think there is any potential in this idea, please respond with suggestions.

One more thing though, I think it would be imperative that we all roll up new characters and start from scratch. First one to level ten forms group (Althogh we should already decide on a name well before hand) and is our first leader.

Thanks for any help you might provide.