Statement from the Interim Galactic Council




The following statement has been sent by electronic mail from the acting representative of the Galactic Council of Free Worlds for the government representaives of the United nations and the citizens of the World.

Fellow aliens and friend humans,

Greetings and blessings to the inhabitants of Earth. I am K’ora Vtal, Matriarch and leader of the Ky’r’ri people. Like some of you, I am not from this planet, but from a planet known as T’rakus, far from this part of the known galaxy. Also like many of you, my people have been attacked and subjugated by the vile Rikti. I and a few hundred of my people survived the holocaust, and by a strange stroke of T’raka’s blessing, I alone came to Earth to live in an unwanted exile.

While on this planet, I have seen your planet’s protectors, the ‘heroes’, fight against the Rikti and defeat them in a way other races could not. I have also seen the dual nature of your people towards others not born on this planet. Many of your billboards and signs around your city speaks of ‘humans for earth’ and foster xenophobic tendencies for those of alien origin.

I make this statement in the hopes that my words will correct some of the fallacies of these declarations by members of the organization known as the Vanguard. Not all aliens are out to destroy your planet. Quite the contrary, many of the non-earth residents on this planet have come to join forces with the earth heroes in fending off the attack on Earth by the Rikti. We have seen the power of the Earth heroes first hand, and realize that these people could very well be the last best hope for the cosmos. We are not here to subvert your race, or do anything to harm you, only to fight alongside you so that Earth can remain free for humans to live upon.

Therefore, I offer this declaration to all alien refugees to stand united with our new friends of Earth: to aid them in their struggle, and fight back against the genocidal power of the Rikti invaders. I also make this declaration to the people of Earth. Consider us simply as those that wish to partake in the freedoms and liberties that we no longer can call our own on our own worlds. We are visitors, some even immigrants to this world, hoping that one day the evil of those that seek destruction of all life are thwarted, and we can unite together in peace and unity.

May T’raka bless you all.

K’ora Vtal.
Matriarch of the Ky’r’ri
Acting-representative of the Galactic Council

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