AMP: Player event 1 "Dawn of a Hero"




An Association of Marvelous Role-players’ (AMP) Player event “Dawn of a Hero”

This is an as if event. As in if the community will have a good enough member count to actually be a community that is worth moving on with *hint hint*. For you that have no idea what I’m talking about, click the link in signature.

The date and time of the event is not yet schedule because of the author of this (yes, me), is having a high pregnant wife and she will soon bring a little angel to this world. When that happened my PC will be locked down and hidden away, and no scrapper or tank should try to prevent me, to be part of that miracle, unless they want to see true powers (alright enough of my secret real-life).
But it will be schedule here in July and will properly be a Tuesday at around 8 pm US Eastern time. The event will be as following:

“Dawn of a Hero”

“In the streets of Paragon waves of unique humans, artificial creatures and even creatures that call home, somewhere further away, than the human race have discovered and even heard about, roam and gain all the publicity. Who would notices a single soul going through the change of his life, a soul that in the near future might change everything? And even if, who would care?”

One new member of the community, which will not be announced on the Roster list, will have to make his AMP SuperHero plus a normal alter ego for the same character (without adding the AMP in the end of the name). That player will be introduced in this event as a normal citizen and while the event runs, something will happened, that will either awaken or grant him/her some striking abilities.
More will not be said here, since it will be planned in secret between me (I will be the Player DM in this one) and the player that choose to start his membership this way. That player will have freedom to choose how to get the abilities, all I will do, is to help the event move on. Questions about this event can be asked in this thread. Only members of AMP can join, but the community is open for all that can follow the associations rules (see signature for link to rules).



All right, forgot some more important information. Of course this event is not just a new player and I. It is several members of the community, who signs up for it, that is involved with this new player’s transformation, whatever they actually is part of letting it happen or just for helping him/her out in this character’s new life.