Power ability descriptions




I am rather confused about the description and abilites of some of the powers. I was taking a look at the powers listing from coh.warcry.com and was comparing 2 powers from the Dark Blast listing: Tenebrous Tentacles and Nightfall. According to coh.warcry.com, both powers have: cone range, moderate damage and reduce the targets accuracy. However, the Tentacle power also immobilizes the target(s) and costs 4.2 Endurance less to use.

My Defender is almost level 16 and I was contemplating taking either Tentacles or taking something else and selecting Nightfall at level 20 (when it becomes available). But these two powers seem rather "unbalanced". Is there something about the Nightfall power that I am not being told?

Also, why do some powers have the same "rating" for recharge times when the times are completey different? For example, when my Energy Blaster took Build Up, the game said that it had a recharge rate of "Long". It takes 90 seconds to recharge with no enhancements. Sniper Blast also says a recharge time of "Long" and takes 12 seconds to recharge. What the heck is up with that?



I have both tentacles and Night fall, and love them both, tentacles does smashing damage and immobilizeings, night fall does damage to in like an aoe... so immoblize, then blast with night fall.... at least that is what I do

Fallout Fae 50 Rad/Rad Defender
Cosmic Static 50 Elec3 Blaster

Reparative 50 EM/EA Stalker
Poseur 50 Mind/Psi Dom