Ghost Dancer




this is the bio of my char Ghost Dancer who is a illusion/radiation controller, i was haveing issues makeing a back grond story for that power set , haveing a hard time coming up with with a story around illusion and radiation powers so i changed them completely , well only in description,as i found the animations spark some interesting ideas for differnet discriptions and story ideas, wich you will see below, hope you injoy

Ghost Dancer

A Succubus from the lands of the dead, Ghost Dancer consumes the Souls of the Wicked. Normally imprisoned in the Dead Lands, as all her kind are, she has since been released to the world of the living, as the amount of evil has become out of control in the last few decades.

She uses the tortured sprits of those she has Devoured to tear at her victims life essence and mind, able to Call upon the souls she has consumed to manifest for a short time to Assault her foes. Each victim being added to the ranks of ghosts at her disposal.

She is also able to call upon the forces of Entropy to drain and weaken her foes life essence with Balefire from the Dead Lands. When necessary she can use the soul energy of those she has consumed to increase her and her allies power for a short time, filling them with the life energy that only a sacrificed soul can provide, thus increasing strength, speed, and resilience for a short time. She can also use soul energy of her victims to heal the most grievous of wounds.

Also if she is witness to a death she may judge the soul and if it is found pure and worthy can return it to its body revitalizing and instantly healing all damage to the fallen hero, how ever such a things taxing on her and the heroes as well and they will both be drained for a short time. However such things happen rarely to her allies as she has amazing control over the ghosts of her victims uses them to encase and shield her allies from sight, sound, and harm. often a disturbing experience having Tortured Souls of the damned sliding all over ones body.

Due to her deal with one of the Lich Lords of The Dead Lands she must stay in the lands of the living until every blackened soul is sent screaming into the abyss of the dead lands.
Prone to bouts of melancholy and a twisted since of homesickness, she often laments to others about missing the quiet oblivion of the dead lands and wants very much so to go back to her home plane, content to judge and traffic in souls as the others of her kind do.
However until such a time comes if ever, she is content to continue her task in serving out the lich lords commands in the lands of the living.