Magical Heroes! The Midnight Avengers want you!




Greetings, Heroes of Paragon ((on Virtue))!

I'm the Lightningale, and I'm pleased to announce that The Midnight Avengers are now looking to recruit the city's bravest mages, mystics, witches, and wizards. We also seek alliance with other like-minded supergroups to present a united front against Paragon's magical and hidden evils.

But before I continue, let me explain why we are here. Most of the veteran heroes in this city are well aware of the of the important role mages have played in our history. Late in the 1920s, a group of academics whose focus was the occult kept secret meetings in the late hours of the night. Their mission was to increase and transmit magical knowledge, and to protect potent magical artifacts from abuse. While such behavior kept the old lore alive, it did little to stop the crime that an overworked police force was unable to control. But that all changed when one dynamic hero, a man known as the Dream Doctor, asked for their help against a faction of evil mages known as the Circle of Thorns.

Inspired by the Doctor's passion, the academics began to actively fight the evil mages; some of them even donned costumes. As a result, the activities of the Circle were largely suppressed. Feeling increasingly confident, they decided to name themselves the Midnight Squad after their late-night conferences. The mages expanded their horizons, researching and rooting out other evil groups as well, occasionally serving as an auxiliary to Statesman and his mighty Freedom Phalanx.

It was the Squad who for years kept the Thorns from successfully opening portals to demonic realms. It was they who found the weakness in Rikti technology durning the initial onslaught, only to become the aliens' main target in the aftermath. And it was the few brave remaining members of the Squad, their secret headquarters now in shambles, who stepped forward to join Omega, the team of 50 doomed to death in an alien realm. They saved our world.

The remaining members of the Squad retreated into the shadows after the invasion, returning to more academic pursuits.

So why do we now recruit? To do what the current Squad does not do (save a few): honor the memory of those who gave their lives to save us. We magic users must once again bring our expertise and combat skills to the forefront. We must come together to stop the evil that plagues our world. Perhaps we will even inspire those who have retreated to join our effort.

Let us unite to provide the faithful support of our research and action to major supergroups like the League of Valor, First Strike Security, and Guardian Force. And even greater than this, let us unite to bring about the ultimate destruction of the Circle of Thorns! They have grown strong as the Squad has withered, and no one has yet presented a sufficient challenge to their might.

So by now, Hero, I hope you are asking, "how do I take part in this great endeavor?" There are at least two ways.

First, for those of you who already have a supergroup and love it. If you are a hero with a magic origin and a staunch heart, you are welcome to apply to become an affiliate of our group. We would welcome your input into our own magical studies, and would endeavor to assist you if you or your group have need.

Second, if you want to join the Avengers, know Hero that you will have to be screened before we deem you worthy to join our ranks. Here's how the process works:

You can contact either me or St Ignus when we are in the city, OR, if we are off duty, feel free to send me an email ((in-game)). ((another way is to PM me - joel221 - Please note that while we prefer RPers, it is not a requirement, and there is no level cap for entrance to the group on either end. As a rule, we ONLY take magic users, though if you have a different origin and a compelling reason to join our group, we will consider you.))

Once we receive your communique, we will respond by whatever method you used and suggest a time for a meeting ((in-game)).

At the meeting, we'll ask about your background and purposes and undertake a mission with you. If we are satisfied at mission completion, we will grant you status as Mystic in our order. (Please understand if we are reluctant to ally ourselves with mages or creatures who hail from demonic realms, as such allegiances are common to our dread enemy.)

If you have any other questions about the Avengers, or are a supergroup leader who wants to ally yourselves with our group, feel free to post in this thread or contact me when I'm on duty.

**Also, see the full page article by Calvin Meeks in the Front Page!! ((**

Beware, purveyors of the dark arts! Midnight has fallen upon you once more!

The Lightningale
Archmage of The Midnight Avengers



We look forward to hearing from you soon.




First Strike Security is in complete support of The Midnight Avengers.

Thank you,

~Roger "Contact" Chase, CEO First Strike Security



is this only on the virtue server, because i play on victory and would love to join, not only am i magic origin, but my roleplay stroy has alot to do with the COT's.



((Sorry Chief,

It is only on Virtue, although you are perfectly in your right to start a similar group on your own server. If you'd like to create the same character on Virtue and play with us, that'd be great too! If you choose the latter route, just send me a PM and we'll work out a meeting time.