The New Types seek strong rp'ers!




I have tried endlessly to form an RP SG that has a friendly enviroment, and is open to anyone who wishes to rp.... unfortunely, i failed despite my efforts of setting rules to make the rp enviroment enjoyable by all players. This was mostly due to people who never Rp'd or didn't use ooc or (brackets) to talk out of character, or people who are simply immature. So i've decided to try screening people this time, and i figure the boards would be the best place for this... here is the SG back ground story...

City of Heroes... a place filled with heroes, but not everyone with powers wants to be a hero, some just want to live a normal life. This is mostly true for mutants as their powers manifest themselves at puberty and sometimes even at birth. However, most teenage mutants have trouble controlling their powers, and find it difficult living a normal human life... and are usually obliged to become a hero due to their inability to go to work without blowing the building up by acdident. Then a man by the name of Joseph X (the x stands for variable since he doesn't wish to be who he was before) started a school for mutants seeking to live normal lives or hero lives. In this school he would teach mutants how to control their powers as well as teach them acedemics. However, due to the power his mutant students have, they often become targets of powerful enemies such as the Rikti, Freakshow, The 5th Column, and several other villans for genetic manipulation. So Joseph decided to form a strike force to fight off any enemies that gave threat to his students. He called this strike team "New Types" (due to their evolutionary rank as [censored]-superiors) most citizens refer to them as 'NT'. And so, from there on, the story begins....

I may get flamed for being somewhat 'unoriginal' but I do realize that quite a few people have been wishing to rp an x-man/woman for quite some time and this is their chance. My top priority for this sg is to maintain an enjoyably strong rp enviroment for everyone. So if you would like to join, please know it is strongly urged to use 'ooc' or (brackers) for out of character talk, and please try to keep that to a minimum, despite the fact i know ooc can be fun sometimes, it can also be disruptive to the rp enviroment.

If you are intrested in joining, there are no lvl requirements, being higher lvl most likely means you'll be part of the strike force. Please email me at with your characters background, name, age, gender, and rp'd reason for why your character joined the new types... also, feel free to post your character that is joining as well to let others see the development of our sg

note: you can get creative with why your character joins the new types, eg. to become a mutant teacher...

hopefully all members can help work together to make this the ultimate rp experience

p.s mutant origins only of course ^^ but if you're natural, you can also join, but you might wanna give a special reason for that one.... in addition, this is a VIRTUE SERVER sg, so keep that in mind

thank you

Current Members:

Name: Joseph X
Age: Unknown, probbaly in his late 20's-early 30's
Background: Joseph has the power of magnetism, he can manipulate everything to the shear molecular level. However, his unknown past is the reason he limits his own powers. He found himself in Paragon during the time portal corp was experimenting with other worlds. During this the after the portal corp incident and finding out about who he really is, Joseph became depressed for quite sometime and found it hard for himself to find a peaceful place in paragon city without any gangsters or monsters crawling around the city. He soon began to take the situation as an opportunity, and started a friends dream in this new world. Thus, formed the school known as "X institute of higher learning"...

Nickname: New Type
Real Name: Lex Valor
Age: 17
Background: Lex has telekentic powers that enable him to read minds, talk telepathically, and create telekentic force fields. He didn't always like his powers, when they first manifested, he was constantly stressed when alot of people were around him. This was because he could feel every emotion anyone around him felt, as well as their thoughts. He had a headache 24/7, his parents didn't know, and neither did his friends, but he realized he had to do something about it. So he enrolled into the X-institute as a normal human student. Here Joseph X gave Lex the resources to learn about his powers, however, during this time Lex was able to scan Jo's mind and Lex found some intresting facts about Jo. Though he hasn't told anyone about what he found out, he realizes Jospeh knows what he did and sometimes fears him even. Though Lex now loves being a mutant, he mostly lives a normal teenage life, not wanting any part of all the super-hero business.

Nickname: Psi Force
status: New student enrolled.... data not yet confirmed