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(hey guys, I just did my first story and I wanted some feed back, good bad or evil your opinion is appreciated.)

A traitor is worth a thousand words

"It has long been said that to to defeat an enemy, you must know them. To know an enemy, you must convert them." -Unknown

Siya's cold grey eyes looked around the abandoned warehouse. This was one of the more unusual places for her and her kindred to meet. The hero's of Paragon city had recently conducted a raid on this very building. They had believed that they had destroyed all of the enemies with in. They were wrong. Siya's eyes looked toward the sorcerer before her. His cold green eyes staring back. Even though they were devoid of emotion, one could almost detect a hint of pride.

As he stared at her, and the others around her, muffled screams could be heard coming from the door behind him. They finally opened up and three victims were thrown out. The citizens of paragon city, one of which was caught by siya herself, were bleeding profusely. Followed by them was a herald. He looked at the victims and they slowly began to shut-up. They seemed to become zombie-like before him. He walked around the zombie-like citizens and faced the group siya was in.

He raised his hand,"Siya Stormhart, Come forth."

Siya glanced at the others around her, with a bitter and arrogant smile as she walked forward. The herald slowly spoke as he began to take out several utensils of cutting and other devices.

"Siya has been able to catch one of our victims tonight. For her sacrifices and her many battles with the decadence of this town.. We have decided to induct her into the Tsoo!"

As he spoke Siya could feel herself becoming more and more relaxed. When she realized the utensils were for her she tried to bring her hands up, in an attempt to attack him. She had to get away, she didn't want to be apart of the Tsoo! They had promised her money! She had no powers, to speak of. She simply was one of the best martial artists with weapons in the area. She tried to grab her sword but she couldn't. He had the most amazing eyes she had ever seen.

Two Inkman grabbed her and the herald slowly inserted his utensil into one of the prisoners, taking her blood and life essence and then began to carve into Siya.

She wanted to cry out in pain, she wanted to tell him to stop. She wanted to jerk her hands away and tear his head off. Wow he had pretty eyes.

A few minutes later bright blinding light, and nothing could be seen.

Siya now found herself upon a body, an incapacitated body. Sweat dripped from her forehead, and her arms as she brought her sword down onto the man. The hero gasped as he slowly dissapeared being recalled to the hospital. Siya cursed and brought her sword up, to the next hero. The celtic symbols flashed a bright red as lightning streaked from her into the next hero, sending her to the hospital as well.

The hero's had in fact known they hadn't cleaned out the building. They were waiting for the ritual to begin so they could stop it and finish off this particular sect of the Tsoo.

The ground slowly trembled, and she fought to keep her balance. She turned to face three figures. The one to the right was a black man, with a rather odd looking eye piece. He was all muscle, probably with no brains. To the left was a red haired woman with a green suit, showing more than it should have. In the middle was a man with a rather archaic helmet and a stars with red white and blue upon his uniform.

"Statesman and associates.. I'm surprised to see that they sent their best for little ol' me."

"They didn't, we're here for the herald." The rather annoying woman said, crossing her arms.

A soft snarl emitted from Siya as she looked at the three. Taking her sword she does a circle throwing it towads statesman. The red haired woman brings up her hand catching the sword in a gravity bubble quite easily and tossing it to the side.

Siya followed the sword her fist coming up to hit the man square between the eyes, fire streaks from all around her,"This will be short and sweet.."

White again blurs the view as nothing can be seen after her last words.

The glass shatters well as a figure goes flying from out the contents. A woman garbed in block and red, soars through the sky into a building opposite of the one she exited and falls to the ground with a thud. Siya slowly tried to prop herself up, it only took one hit! One! The markings on her arms slowly fade from red to black.

She tried to clear her thoughts, where was she? She slowly stood up looking around at the burning buildings and the different minions that ran around with crazed looks in their eyes. She was in the contaminated sector. But what was she doing there? How did she know that? Who was she?

She turned as a black man approached her, an eyepiece on his eye. he seemed intent on attack, she slowly stepped back,"Hi.. Where Am ... Look out!"

Behind the man a figure slowly rose up, bringing his hand up he sent out an electrical shock that went straight through the black man, bringing him to the ground. The man was alive, but barely. The radiation from the contiminated area was blocking the transcievers for the hospital to pick him up.

How did she know that?

She looked to the ground, for anything. She grabbed the piped and rushed the figure. The man seemed shocked that she was attacking him. She brought the pipe up, hitting him in the side. The figure hit the ground but before he collapsed he brought up an electrical volt into her that caused the woman to scream and fall down along side him.

"AHHHHHHH!" Siya set straight up in bed, drawing her dagger and holding it up to the air. Her body was denched in sweat. She was in her apartment, looking over Paragon city. She laid down the dagger and turned, standing up. She walked over to the window opening it - letting the cool air hit her skin. The change in temperature caused goosebumps to slowly form on her skin. She took a deep breath.

"A dream.. Just A dream. The same dream i've had for over 7 months now.. But.. Just a dream."

"What a day.. Finally reaching Security Level 14 and my sudden ability to increase my speed a hundred fold.." She walked into her bathroom, reaching down and splashing water in her face. She had been apart of several raids the night before, when she discovered her powers. The hero's were really starting to make a difference..

"Azuria was right.. Maybe one of the tokens we recovered did transfer some of it's powers to me.."

She looked into the mirror - even Azuria didn't believe the story when she told her that and siya knew it.

The celtic designs on her arms, black as they were, seemed to almost have a red tent now.

Somewhere in Paragon city a herald waited, quite content to simply watch the story unfold - for now.