Late again....




“Crap, crap, crap!” Sky-Hawke swore as he tore through the air above Talos Island. “For being the fastest flier in our team, you’d think I wouldn’t be late to every mission..” He’d gotten the call from Tesseract almost immediately after she’d gotten the call to investigate a Freakshow meeting in an old office . Gray Fox, Harm, Greyloch and Shaka Chou had also gotten the call and were already on the scene with Tess. Sky’d stopped several times to stop various street crimes he’d happen upon. “I can hear them now, ‘Hey, it’s Sky! Glad ya could make it…what? No mission’s over, thanks for asking.’”

As he flew, he spotted the tell tale glow of Harm’s Fire Aura. Pushing himself as hard as he could, Sky picked up the pace and summoned up his Temp Invulnerability field. “Just in case”, he told himself.

As he came in closer, Tesseract spotted him and let loose with one of her Kinetic Speed hit him in mid-air….and pushed the throttle of his speed even further.

He barely had time to yell “Gangway!” as the sudden increase in speed sent him hurtling towards the front door of the office building. Shaka ducked just in time to miss being run over while Harm and Greyloch both lept almost 5 stories straight up to avoid the impact. Sky flew like a bolt of lightning past the others and right through the door and the first wall of the office building.

“Oops”, Tesseract said. “Guess I should’ve waited till he was on the ground…” Shaka smiked, “Ya think?” “Ya’ll think he’s ok in there?”, asked the Gray Fox. “Let us hope so, from what I’ve seen, these Freakshow are very deadly…if we’re lucky, they’re further in the office than where Sky landed” said Harm. Greyloch just watched the hole wearily.

WHAM! The sound split the air followed by the body of Sky-Hawke thrown through the air like a rag doll. Seconds later, a huge Freakshow Tanker appeared in the hole that Sky had made. “Um….I think he got their attention Harm” Gray Fox whispered.

As one, the heroes lept forward to attack the Tanker. Only Tesseract left the scene to see how Sky had fared. Three blocks away, Tess found him in a pile of rubble. “You OK Sky?”

“Yeah, when I went through the wall, I smacked into that Tanker…didn’t even have time to collect myself before he sent me flying again”, Sky-Hawke said as he slowly rose to his feet…”good thing I had my Temp Invul field up..” “Sorry about that….it didn’t register that you were going full speed until I’d already speed boosted you.” Sky smiled then winced from the pain it caused…”No prob Tess, did I miss anything?”

The sounds of battle answered his question before Tesseract could and Hawke immediately launched himself towards the clamor. There were patches of fire all over the place, “Heh, Harm’s been busy it looks like.” Then, he saw his comrades fighting not just the tank but, a whole gang of Freakshow.

Greyloch had three Freaks with metal claw arms surrounding him. Pausing only a moment, Greyloch summoned up dark powers that litterly drained the Freaks of their strength and used it to refresh himself. Shaka Chou was throwing quips as quickly as he threw his fists and had the foes not really knowing if they were coming or going. Harm’s fire patches and his mystic stone mallet kept the Freak Tanker busy while Gray Fox unloaded round after round into him.

As he zoomed into the battle, Sky moved like a human pinball…punching, kicking and shoulder slamming every foe he could while the speed boost lasted. “Finally decided to help out eh whitebread?”, Shaka Chou grinned. “Yeah, yeah…I know…late as usual…”, Sky said as he Crane Kicked a Freaker away. Minutes later, the members of the Hrafn Warband stood triumphant.

Gray Fox looked over at Sky-Hawke…”Next time, let the police handle the muggers Sky…then, maybe ya’ll would be on time for a mission.” “Right, let the Man handle it….riiiiiight….”, Shaka smiled, “They spend half their time being mugged.”

“Well, at least it’s over now.”, Greyloch spoke in his low, thunderous voice. “Truly, a good battle by all”, Harm added. “Easy for you to say, even with my mutant metabolism, I’m gonna ache for a days.”, groaned Sky.