Warhammer online cancelled?




That's what the website says. This is very dissappointing. It was going to be my other MMO. Now I have to settle for WoW Was anyone else gonna play this?



As someone who plays a lot of MMOs I have to admit that I didn't even know this was in the works. Had it even entered development yet, or was it still in the design phase?



Honestly it is hard to know how far in development they really were. They originally had said that beta was going to happen Dec. 2003. When Dec. 2003 came and went, they finally admitted that they were still in alpha and beta was something like 6 months off. That was in February '04 they said that.

Personally, I always had my suspicions about the game not being released. I was the ASM (Assistant Site Manager) on Warcry's Warhammer site and after looking at their screenshots day in and day out I started noticing that they were wall taken in the same little patch of world. Moreover, not a single shot had a user interface on it. How can you be so close to beta and have no working UI? What I concluded (correctly I'm sure) is that they took all these screenshots at the same time from a tech demo and we hadn't seen anything new since.

Even after E3 where they had a booth, we saw nothing new. We got a new video that contained the video portion of the world that had been used to create the screenshots. Again, nothing new.

So, sadly, the game will never be. I think it had some potential to be a different MMORPG (like CoH is) and have a nice nitch market. But I guess that "nitch" market wasn't going to be enough money to cover their costs.




well...mm...don't wanna sound like a dink, but I don't think the COH official forum is the place to disguss this, and especailly not the RP forum. It's a forum for RP'ign rather than a forum for talking about RPGs....sorry to point it out..