Nonus Aequilibrium




For I Speak of Purity

I Am Unconquerable
In My Worship
I Am Invincible
On My Crusade
However Hard the Strikes May Be
However Deep the Wounds
This Blood Immortal
Bleeds for Thee

In Every Breath I Hear
The Silebt Whisper of Your Name
In Every Harmony
In Every Thought
You Make My Water Into Wine
I Am Ever Thine

Blessed Was I With The Consecration
Of Indominatble Dedication

Two Bound as One
In A Trinity
Where I Comprise
Infinite Forms of Unity

In Unity Reborn
To A State
Where All Past Burdens
No Longer Shall Be Worn

I Pledge to Perfection
No Compromise Can Touch My Woe
Nor Questions Reach My Faith
In Immortality

Nonus Aequilibrium - Isahn mad galliard......

================================================== ==============================

Nonus Aequilibrium is a VIRTUE server SG and will be recruiting hero based "supernaturals" for Paragon City that have come from the World of Darkness mindset. Tragic dark hero's set within the CoH setting. Looking for Mature Role Players, Minds Eye theatre, White Wolf games, LARP or tabletop... experience is a plus, if you like telling a story then we will welcome you to our coterie pack...

Requirements to play understand some basic RP Lexxicon, IC = In Character/ portraying your hero's persona as best as possible to how they would react/speak/think/feel etc.. or OOC = Out of Character/is just you as the player.. speaking/thinking basically for those who only have time to do a quick mission for that nxt level or for downtime before gatherings/events and group RP. Or just chat online from player to player about anything/or game.
To participate at least once per week for in game RP with others in the group or CoH Virtue Community... to also weave a story here on this forum thread, slowly unfolding your characters story/past over time. Best to tell a long story in a short story format.