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OOC: The General Zee Origin: Chapter 1 – The Meeting

FBI investigator Tony Grant was on yet another crappy case. He joined the agency for excitement, like on action movies. So far, he had met nothing but disappointment. It seemed that all he ever did was go investigate "Possible Hero" cases. Usually the only thing he found was some kid launching a model rocket with too much powder, or a boxer trying to break some kind of record. His relationship with his wife had become almost nothing. He wished that, maybe, if he could just meet one real hero, that maybe his wife would forgive him.
As he walked to the coordinates given to him by HQ he was shocked. A large rock ridge had appeared, seemingly, overnight! Unaccustomed to this kind of thing, Tony stood still as a deer in headlights. Suddenly, the ridge began opening. Tony was excited; he may finally meet a hero.
When a human exited the vehicle Tony almost threw a fit. Soon, though, Tony realized that the "man" that had just exited the vehicle was far from human. He has circuitry running along every arm and leg. He even had circuits in his hair, but they were very difficult to see.
The man hauled a large red clump of metal out of the opening. He began putting it on like armor. When he arrived at a medieval-looking helmet, however, he paused, and discarded it. He then walked around the ridge to what appeared to be the front. As he opened it, smoke filled the air.
Tony started coughing. He didn't want to, but he couldn't help it. It appeared to startle the newcomer. Then the newcomer came over to where Tony was standing, and appeared to clear the air just by waving his hand.
The man spoke, "Glor4^%x?"
"What," Tony asked?
"Jler#$? Gonrrtpqr? %&$&h? Can you comprehend?"
"YES! YES! I understand," shouted Tony, grateful to recognize the language.
“I am General Zee, General of the Royal Justician Army. My ship was damaged in the battle, and I need access to a Starport ASAP. I also need access to the Royal Armory.”
“Royal? Justician? Who? What are you talking about?”
“I am sorry, my language must be incorrect,” General Zee began.
“No, no. I understand your language,” Tony interrupted, “but where do you come from?”
“Are you mad? What system have I landed on?”
“Sir, I really don’t understand…”
“Get me a leader, someone of the Justician nobility.”
“I don’t know what Justicia is!!! Right now you are on earth! You don’t have a passport, or a visa, so that makes you an illegal alien! Now, unless you explain everything that you’re talking about right now I will bring you in!” Tony exclaimed, exasperated.
“Earth? I crashed outside the Monarchy? How could this be? Earth… does not know of the existence of the Monarchy?” General Zee inquired, obviously shocked.
At that moment, Tony noticed something special about the general’s eyes. They were yellow, bright yellow. Tony didn’t understand how he had missed it. He took of his sunglasses, and gave them to the general. “Here,” he said, “take these. They have motion trackers, auto targeting, and night vision. You might need it.”
General Zee was blatantly confused. “A gift? I thank you, but what will I need these for?”
Tony couldn’t help but to grin. He held up an official document and stated, “You’re Earth’s newest hero!”