The Battle against Death.




On the outskirts of Paragon city, where the War Walls provide no protection, the small town of Patriot Point nests. Away from the hustle and fast-paced lifestyle of Paragon, Patriot Point is much more tranquil - there, surrounded by lush trees, one house stands out above all others. Perhaps, it's the immense garden behind it, showing off various types of flowers of all colors, a small pond that remains shaded by a towering weeping willow and above all else, an Acacia tree looms over head.

While, besides it's gaurden, the house appears to be like any other house in the neighborhood, there is something - perhaps ethereal - that truly stands out. Passer-bys couldn't lay their eyes off the house - and neighbors would often admire it's beauty. People would say that it just has a specific radience to it. No matter the weather - whether it be howling storms, or the darkest of night, the home would always seem to glow. Anyone who got so much as a hundered feet from the house would just feel pleasently good. There was absolutely no doubt about it - there was just something about the house - but no one truly knew what it was.

While, the house drew much attention, and was quite liked - the two occupants of the house did not get the same respect. A women, in her early forties owned the house - she was an eccentric women with greying hair. She was often viewed as a 'crazy ol' hag' who believed in the impossible. She, Rubella, or Ruby as she preferred, was highly fascinated in pyschic arts. Crystals of all sorts, quartz, torquise, sapphire and rubies - numerous crystals of all sorts were around the house. Bookshelves and cabinets - all showing off a bright assortment of stones and gems from around the world.

Ruby was fascinated in the pyschic arts - the crystals around her house were used for healings, and cleansing of the spirit - she would use the crystals to channel energy and power. Bookshelves housed numerous books on astral projection, hypnosis, lucid dreaming and much more. Hours upon hours would be spent in meditation - but despite all this, Ruby had one major problem, and it ate away at the women - she had no pyshic ability - no matter how hard she tried, she could not perform any pyschic tasks of any sorts - and thus, she saw herself as a failure.

Rubella lived with her nephew, Cassius, who's parents had died in a tragic car accident when he was only two years into life. Unknowing to his parents, aunt, Cassius was a mutant. Cassius showed the signs of mutation at a very early age - and it was due to his aunt. Born with slight pyschic powers, that quickly developped in his aunt's house - thanks to the ammount of energy being brought into the house by the numerous crystals, Cassius was compelled to naturally develop his pyschic abilities.

The years went by, and Cassius Daemont became quite the pyschic. With his third eye, visably, open, Cassius could see all the energies of the world. Through his meditations, he gained complete control of energy. After meditation, he'd often create a psi-ball, and just juggle it around. His meditations took him to new worlds - new realms of all sorts - and he very well enjoyed it, as Astral Projection became one of his favorite past times.

Cassius, however, had something else not found in this world. He possessed a truly kind heart. No matter the cause, Cassius would always take the time to stop and help people. He became well-known, but also, due to his mutation, he was always looked upon as odd. But, despite the negetive thoughts - all of which he was fully aware of - Cassius never once thought twice about helping another.

It was his kind heart that brought about a most wicked change. During a meditation, he heard a cry unlike any other. Pain and sorrow echoed in the distant voice - and he was compelled to help whomever was in need. Thus, he projected himself into many different worlds, and times - he went to whole new dimensions - farther than he had ever went before. Until, he found the source of the cry. Before his ethereal form, stood a figure unlike anything he had ever imagined. Shrouded in darkness, with negative energies swirling about, a perfect man stood with a devilish smile. Cassiues knew instantly who stood before him. The being was Thannatos - the ancient and long since forsaken god of Death. With a wave of the hand, Cassius found himself trapped - unable to move, or think. He just watched in horror as Thannatos approached the vacated body of Cassius.

With Cassius' ethereal form seperated from his body, Thannatos was free to take control of the living body - however, Cassius' mind was strong. And, through desperation, he managed to break free from the death gods hold - and he rushed for his body - and at the last possible second, Cassius found himself in the conscious world, within his body.

However, full control was lost - Thannatos had succesfully managed to posess Cassius - and a battle for the body of the young pyschic has begun. Thannatos grows stronger every day, as millions of people within the world fall victims to death. There is no doubt that death is a natural process, and it cannot be stopped - but it can be hindered.

Cassius Daemont as well as Thannatos, now roam Paragon City - each with their own goals. Thannatos hopes to rise again - and with such immersive pyschic abilities at his fingertips, there is very little anyone can do to stop the forsaken diety. Cassius, however, is the only person who has a chance of stopping the god - and if he doesn't, he not only loses his own body - but is forced to watch the world suffer by his own hands. So, Cassius fights crime in Paragon City in hopes to do enough good - to save enough lives to weaken, and drive out the forsaken Thannatos.

The battle will not be easy for the young pyschic, as he will attempt to do what no one has done before - overcome, and defeat Death.

The battle against Death has begun.