The HUNTERs Are Here!!!! - PCNBN Special Report!




“LOOK around you! Take a LOOK at OUR WORLD! The Great Heroes died in the flames of the Rickti War. Only a handful survived, and they have become old and decrepit, attempting to train the latest generation. But the latest generation cannot hack it. Criminals swarm the streets, crazed mechanical monstrosities scour the zones, and undead shamble through the sewers. This is OUR WORLD.

The horrid truth is that our world is MIRED in FILTH, and no one, NO ONE! has the ABILITY, the DESIRE, or the COMMITMENT to fully undertake such a mammoth task…except for us.

The old heroes are dead! This is why we...the HUNTERS...will take it upon ourselves to keep Paragon City safe! We will accomplish our goals through commitment and adherence to our strict code! No individual is greater than the group! No Hunter is above the CODE!

The Old Heroes died because they were ALONE. They could not form a single, solid entity of strict JUSTICE. OUR Justice will be STRICT, RIGHTEOUS, and WITHOUT MERCY. That FILTH that swarms our streets will FEAR our JUSTICE. We HUNTERS will not be HINDERED by archaic notions of compassion, pity OR forgiveness, for the TRASH that DEMANDS our justice deserves NO quarter!

HUNTERS will make a difference. We will BEAT the criminals OUT of the streets! We will THRASH the metal marauders BACK into the Junk Heap! And we will PUT the Undead back into their graves…PERMANENTLY.

These are our rules. These are our standards. These are the foundations of the HUNT.”

-Speech made by Hunter Colonel – leading member of H.U.N.T.E.R. (Heroes United Neutralization Team – Elite Regiment) during a H.U.N.T. training session. Recorded by undisclosed media source.

A relative new-comer to the scene of “Aggressive Crime Prevention”, the H.U.N.T.E.R. group is a frightening sight of discipline and precision. Armed with the latest technology, and trained to the highest possible physical level, these ACP Operatives are taking the fight back to the criminals.
Our sources have managed to discover a few interesting facts about the H.U.N.T.E.R.s.

• They are extremely selective in their choice of members. Only the most rigorous and diligent of personalities can join their ranks.

• They were formed sometime recently – although there is no exact date, they were definitely formed after the Rickti Invasion.

• The true identities, beyond call-signs, of the Hunters are completely unknown.

• They are armed with the latest assault rifles manufactured by an unknown source – how the Hunters purchase weapons and supplies, from which source, and over what routes, is completely unknown.

• They seem to be organized with a military style hierarchy. So far, Hunter Colonel and Hunter Captain appear to be the top two ranking officers of the group. It is not known if there is a higher authority pulling the strings from the background.

• Reports thus far, have placed the Hunter’s Operating Zone in or near Galaxy City, but there are reports of Hunters in other Zones of Paragon City.

• The group is extremely ambitious, and not shy of aggressively “Hunting” criminals. It should be noted that the Hunters are less interested in protecting civilians than bagging criminals. CAUTION SHOULD BE TAKEN if you happen to run into a Hunting Party!!

It is expected to see more of this group as the battle against crime continues to blaze across Paragon City.

-Mike Media for PCNBN (Paragon City News Broadcasting Network)