if a lonely superhero says goodbye does anyone lis




Crazy Baby looked at the light pole again. For the last hour he'd been calculating how to get the rope around it so it was just right: not too long not too short. Too long and he'd hit the ground and too short he wouldn't build up enough velocity. After about another 20 minutes of trial and error he finally gets the rope over the long arm of the lightpole.

A cold breeze shuffled through the air, reminding him in a way, just how lonely he really is. His SuperGroup, The Date Rapiers, was largely ignored, his talents as a tanker were underappreciated and his humor was often seen as belligerant and boorish. After all, when you're in the City of Heroes, just one more good deed done by a hero matters jsut one bit more, right?

Now that rope was secure and properly knotted, Crazy Baby Boom dragged a dumpster out of an alley way. Normal people would use a stool for this part but CBB is an even 8 feet tall, so all conventions of normality cease.

Boom shucked all his clothes and neatly folded them up next to the dumpster. Not that it really mattered. He hadn't taken a shower in over a month and the homeless shelter refused to let him in since the Vahz zombie incident, resulting in numerous injuries and fatalities.
"At least those damn corpses got what was coming to them," Boom smiled reminiscing over the ensuing carnage.
So there he was, naked, alone,standing on a dumpster with a noose around his neck. He had no worries, no fears and no future.
Crazy Baby Boom jumped from the dumpster and into infinity of dirty yellow lights and nightime gloom.




*CRACK* The wooden pole gave way just as Crazy Baby Boom hit the asphalt. Immediately, he leaned forward with all his might, snapping the pole forward, smashing the parked SUV and shattering a fire hydrant.

Boom didn't care there was a hangman's noose around his neck or the water was ice cold. He smelt like rotten fish and stale mushrooms. He got fairly clean by the time the exposed water main lost pressure.

Pulling chunk of upholstery out of the destroyed Escolade, he dried off. Then he gathered up his clothes, grabbed a tire, hoisted the pole (still attached to his neck, a very tricky operation) and went 6 blocks over to where the next water main, naked to the world.

Hey a guy's gotta have clean clothes, right?



If walking ten blocks clothed in King's Row is going to get you mugged, walking naked the same distance is going to get you mugged AND arrested. Crazy Baby Boom found this out the hard way.

making his merry way down the street to the next water mainline (amazing what a cold shower can do isn't it?), a cop car pulls by and slows down on his right. To his left, a pack of Skulls come barreling out of the alleyway.

it was like a scene out of an old western. Good guys on one side, bad guys on the other and an innocent caught in-between.

"hey buddy, zip 'em up. We gotta arrest you and these fools," the cop and his buddy train riot guns on the skulls and Crazy Baby Boom. The Skulls in return pull out pieces, gats and another gang related pain dealing parephenelia. Boom just grabs his gear and tries to subtly remove himself from the soon-to-be conflagaration.

"Sorry, guys I've got laundry to do," he says not too apologetically.



(This is some really great stuff...I like it. Good writing! )