An Incident in Skyway on the Champion Server




June 4, 2004
Skyway City in the sprawling expanse of Paragon City

It was dark that night in Paragon city. Snake had managed to track down a 5th Column cell to its headquarters and we had the permission to go in and break em up. With us that day was the Startling Dungbeetle, Snake Ize and myself, the Valiant Isotope 121. Snake had managed to get us in quietly through a back door. We could hear the sound of 5th Column banter as we entered the building. Damn Nazi’s I thought. Snake had that blank look as usual beneath that mask he never took off and beetle, well lets not go there. We pushed ahead and were confronted by the education leader for the skyway city area, talking to a bunch of new recruits. We knew we had to get him alone. What we didn’t know was he was excepting us.

Beetle started out by thinning there lines by porting a few to us. I did my part, keeping beetle and snake alive with my armors advanced control over radiation emissions. I knew how much to give out and what was good and lethal. Some time later, as we approached the leader, he sprung his trap. Hordes of 5th column poured out and surrounded us. Assault rifles, Gatling guns, flame throwers and Rocket launchers. It was dead quiet then, like the calm before the storm. I could feel the anxiety building in the back of my mind. I pushed it away, getting ready to concentrate on the battle at hand. I always hated the tension before a huge fight.

A 5th column soldier blinked and snake and beetle were on them with me throwing out lethal doses of radiation at the group. The first few went down hard and fast, the rest ate away at our resolve. If not for beetle and snake, im sure id be toast and vice versa. Radiation and martial arts kicks flew along with waves of bullets and blood. In the end, we were battered and blooded but the 5th Column soldiers were defeated. We chased down the Education Leader Reinhart to his office and found him more than startled to see us.

Reinhart sprouted something intangible in german and plowed through snake before I could help him. He was no old pushover. Beetle and him fought but he clearly had beetle on the ropes. We retreated and hide, Reinhart looking for us. I dialed in my comm link to the Super League Computer System, looking to see who was near. Lustrana was close, im sure she could help us. I signaled her and let her know where we were located. She was on her way. Reinhart was getting frustrated and knew in his rage, I had a chance to help snake. Running to his location, I picked snakes unconscious and bleeding body up and and quickly can back to our hiding place where we waited for Lustrana.

About that time Reinhart found us. This time we barely managed to dodge the spray of rounds aimed to end our heroic existence. Suddenly a stream of lightning hit Reinhart, sending him flying back. Lustrana had managed to hit em just in time. He quickly got up and began spraying rounds at us from his rifle. Snake and Beetle ran to him and kept him from spraying anymore round our way while I kept everyone alive and blasting Reinhart with my X-ray beams. Lustrana did her part, pelting him with lighting bolts and Balls of Charged energy. Snake Managed to Disarm him, with a mighty kick, shattering Reinhart’s Gun before Beetle brought him down with one of those patented thunder kicks, sending him flying down the stairs, his old body bouncing on the steps below.
When the cops showed up, we were tending our wounds and the hordes of 5th Column officers and members were cuffed and waiting. Reinhart needed an ambulance, the four of us had to pummel him hard before he went down. As they were taking him away, he sprouted of that we would never defeat the 5TH Column and he would be back. Lustrana looked over and blew him a kiss, “Anytime Sugar” she said. It sent us off laughing and Reinhart fumming as they drove away. It was time for definite downtime and r&r after that I thought.

Hope yall enjoy!!