The coming of Jai.




"Is he ready?"
"Does it matter?"
The two men stood over the swirling dimensional portal in the floor of their tower.
"The boy Jason, has been with us for ten years of his time. All of the power he will ever need has been implanted inside of him. His body sleeps in the material world yet here we have trained our Prophet."
"But time sir," the younger, weaker of the two pleaded. "Yes the knowledge is there, but he is still at heart a boy and if we send him back now, there is no telling how long it will be until he manifests."
"Silence!" the older demanded. "Do you think me unaware? Fool. Jason must become Jai now or all will be lost. Paragon City is no small place to be tossed aside. Everything depends on the survival of Paragon City."
The older man took a breath and walked away from the portal. It's not enough to send another hero. Paragon already has heros and their numbers grow daily. Paragon City needs someone to warn them of the coming dangers. In less than two years that city will be over run by hordes of evil doers that make the current crop look like typical street thugs. Not only that many of these so called heros, will turn to these dark ambitions as well. He must be sent back now. There is no more time. Get the boy."

Jason was led down the long corridor, into the Masters chambers. Jason was no longer just a boy. It had been ten years since he had been "summoned" to this place and since then he had learned of power and how to call it and use it. Magic. Once inside the chamber the door was shut behind him and they were alone. Student and Master.
"Tell me Jason, why did we bring you here?"
"To teach me the magical arts in preperation for what is to come."
"What is to come then?"
"I don't know sir." Jason lowered his head and looked at his feet.
"Of course you don't. Come with me." The Master rose from his chair and walked to a window. Outside they could see the tower stretching down into the center of a volcano. In the air, frightening creatures flew here and there nipping and biting at each other.
"Look Jason, there is nothing here, but this tower. This entire plane of existence has been created for one purpose. You. We are here to ready you for what you will have to face and the responsibilities we are giving you."
Jason looked out and knew this to be true.
"Most young people from your home would shirk these duties. They would curl up frightened, not you though. You sought us out first as was written in the prophecey. At this moment you are Jason, Soon you will join with Jai and go home to begin your quest."
Jason felt his heart leap a bit. Home.
"Things are different there now. The Ritki invasion has left the world paralyzed and evil lurks everywhere.
"I know sir."
"Good, then tell me your purpose."
"I am to prepare the world for what is to come. The great evil that will begin to overtake everything. I am to teach those weaker than myself. A ministry of Jai." Jason took a long breath before his next sentence.
"Then when the time comes, I am to die so that others may live."
The old man looked into Jason's heart. He knew then that he was ready.
"It is a heavy burden, but in the blink of an eye it will all be over and you will sit in the halls of the Magi at the right hand of the true Jai. Take heart."
The two stood together for a moment. In a different time a different dimension, they may have hugged.
"Now go boy, and prepare yourself for the ceremony. The time is now."