Origin ideas




I'm not that good at making up origin stories, so I figure I'd come here for help. These are the backbones to the stories I have for my chars (unfortunately, this is pretty much all I have):

Panabas (magic Katana/Dark Armor scrapper):
Named after his blade, the Panabas (a Filipino blade of execution) is a natural born bladesman. Recieved dark powers from an anting-anting (Filipino talisman) - family heirloom - that his deceased grandfather passed down to him.

Kudarat (technology Assault Rifle/Devices blaster):
A graduate of the University of Paragon City. Armor started as an A-grade senior design project. After college, went on to developing weapons. Became a hero. (Kudarat is named after a Filipino Sultan that united the Southern Sultanates against the Spanish invasion.)

Baras (natural Illusions/Force Field controller):
A Demon from Filipino mythology. Has the ability to make people see their nightmares while they're awake. (When he gets the pets, will add: 'and even pull them out of their unconsious mind into the real world.'). Def would like help in incorporating the FF aspect.

Pinatubo (mutant Invuln/Fiery tanker):
He was a Banaue Rice Terrace farmer. He noticed smoke coming out of the field. Went to investigate. Saw an amber glow. Got engulfed in smoke all of a sudden. Woke up in a volcano (Mount Pinatubo). Discovered he had amazing powers. Was mistaken for a god... def need help with the rest of this

Thanks for your suggestions.

(In case no one guessed, I am Filipino)



Well..... I'm not exactly sure what you want help with. Looks to me like you got pretty much everything taken care of that you need.

Are you asking us to write your background for you? You've got the background, it just isn't in story format.