I.D. Origin idea as well as Hiiigh Voltage Origin!




First off, I'm going to post the Origin for Hiiigh Voltage here cause, well, my ID card space isn't big enough. (sorry I can't really write short ones!) Also, I have a little suggestion, one that might even make server load a bit lighter (or not, just an idea).

What if the character origin could be stored on each person's computer. so when someone check's ID, it downloads the text file from the person instead of the server.

This would: 1.) Allow for longer Origin stories. 2.)Remove the need for Origins to be saved on the server. 3)Be a whole lot easier for people to type it out as well as delete/change large blocks of text.

Anyways, on with the Origin! (*closes eyes and chants* please don't flame, please don't flame)

Mary reread pages browned with age; the ancient writing having been scrawled in a year not long after the Fallen Star had taken his place in the pits bellow. The magic of the robe on her table was far from demonic though through the ages it had been tagged as such by those ignorant of anything but the most base of fears. Now a pile of brown cloth, Mary sighed as she rubbed her cheek and looked to it with interest. It had been Eve's robe, the first article of clothing the woman had wrapped herself in after being thrown out of the Garden of Eden. The book listed it's origin as a gift from her God and though that smacked of untruth to Mary, she was intrigued.

Words of power pressed into the pages formed a ring around a crude drawling of the robe, notes next to each imparted the elements. Fire, water, earth, wind, life and death each with their own point and symbol. Mary was careful to copy the runes exactly as they were in the book before placing the elements on top of them. A lit candle, an opened gallon of water, a potted plant, a fan (here she paused to decide on oscillate or normal), a life rat and a dead one.

As she constructed the ring, the robe shifted colors in response to each element it's form and texture changing as well. The fire drew an ice cold blue that made the robe look as if it were frozen glass. Water caused a section of the robe to bust into flames a fire that neither smoked nor consumed cloth yet warmed Mary's skin. Cloth crackled and shifted to slide like mud as earth was set before it the mud bubbling quietly as Mary moved on. Wind caused the heavy cloth of the robe to shift to a thin wispy material what fluttered in the slight breeze. Life turned it's corner into a blackness that absorbed all light and threatened to suck Mary inward. In death the robe changed to a pure white that gave off light brighter than that of the flames but gave no heat.

In front of her the robe danced, an embodiment of each element's opposite. Her elements set, Mary stood, arms akimbo as she read the words for each element aloud. The ancient names of the first tongue caused each element to exhaust itself, fire smothered, water evaporated, plant and earth withered and crumbled, the live rat died. Mary smiled broadly as she continued the enchantment and the robe rose ever so slightly, a form shifting underneath. From under the robe a small kitten, black as life's counter element, watched Mary as the woman's grin moldered into a sneer.

Words of a strange tongue mixed with the language of the ancients that the kitten knew and anger struck in the form of an elemental attack. The robe shifted it's form to absorb the element as the kitten watched on and Mary's words changed again, her hands glowing with halos of electricity as she struck out at the animal. Bone crunched and blood rained as Mary's hand and the kitten were crushed within the robe's counter form.

Blood soaked into the cloth as Mary backed away, her voice quiet until she pulled a sharp blade from coals of the fireplace and pressed it against the stump where her hand had been. Through tears of pain and joy she watched the culmination of her spell and sacrifice form on the table; her blood, the blood of a creature bound to the robe and the robe's own essence combined.

Words rang in Mary's ears and her head swam with a rush of power as much as it did from loss of blood, "You are a creature of the first woman, a creature of my own blood and hers, of the elements and of God's grace. Go, bury those that would stand in the way of my divine right to rule!"

Shadows drifted over already pitch colored skin as golden yellow eyes watched Mary, roses turned to a smile that tugged at Mary's very soul and shortened her life to lengthen it's own as it whispered sweet promises of death in her ear. A clap of thunder and the creature was gone leaving Mary alone in her room shivering with a cold sweat rolling down her face and back.

Keeping the robe's remains close, Hiiigh Voltage wraps her face with the cloth to hide the similarities not only to Eve a woman of beauty only viewable by God and Adam, but also to ensure that no other creatures like her are created.

Few know of Hiiigh Voltage's origin but those that do are often caught off guard by her willingness to fight as a 'hero' of Paragon city. Her loyalties are unspoken though her assistance is happily accepted by most with little question. Is she truly a hero? Or a villain merely using others to help in her goal of first killing the hordes of lowly infidels? Only time will tell.