The Darkest Crime: A Dark Law story




(Forgive the grammar errors)

The businessman stepped out of the cab with a stretch, as he paid the driver. He paid his fare, with exact change, and a modest tip of no more then 6%. His routine had never changed in the 14 years he lived in the Kings Row section of Paragon City, and he saw no reason to alter it now.

With a modest gray suit, a brisk stride, and a confident air, he walked the remaining two blocks to his home, a rent controlled penthouse apartment roughly 5 blocks south of the King Refinery.

The Businessman took little notice of his surroundings, other then note a young man lounging by the steps of the apartment building next to his own. He continued to walk but glanced at the young man, making brief eye contact. He was a Skull. The gang was everywhere in Kings Row and there colors where usually black and white, or gray. If they where up to mischief then you could identify them by the skull shaped mask they would wear.

The brief eye contact was enough to set the thug in motion.

"Evening Mr. Grey" the Skull said with a slightly mocking tone of voice.

They all called him that. Mr. Grey, because he always wore gray suits to and from work. He almost missed a stride, as he turned his head slightly at the voice.

Keep walking, he told himself. Do not stop, just keep walking, your almost home. He repeated that mantra over and over, keeping his steady pace to his home.

The Skull began walking toward him; his young legs quickly matching pace and began to slowly gain.

Mr. Grey continued his own pace. If I move to fast he will chase me, his mind screamed. He wanted to run, to be home, and to be safe. Why did he have to endure this? Why did they not just leave him alone? All he wanted was to go home and have dinner with his lovely new bride, Rebecca.

The Skulls footsteps picked up an even quicker pace. Mr. Grey slid his right hand under his jacket; he could feel his heart beating frantically. So fierce was the rhythm that he feared it would burst from his chest unless his hand was not there to hold it down.

"Hey Mr. Grey, do you need any help?" the young Skull spoke with a slightly slurred speech
"You looking for a new g.."

Mr. Grey stopped his walk and stood quivering for a moment. This was it.

"Jack! Let's go man!" A voice called out from across the street.
It was another Skull, this one wearing the full colors, mask, black leather vest and black denim. "Come on, and you better not be drunk!" He waved furiously.

"We'll talk later Mr. Grey” Jack the Skull said as he jogged to his waiting companion.

Mr. Grey stood for long moments. Letting his heart rate slow. That had been close. Very close.

He walked on.

He entered his apartment building, and walked the long lonely flight up the stairs. With each step, he came closer to security and safety. Warmth and love. All the things that the streets did not have were in that very building. He stepped to the final landing to look at the door of his penthouse apartment.

The door was slightly ajar.

His pulse went into overdrive; he ran forward pushing open the door and saw emptiness. Rebecca was not there. He ran to her room and saw the locks where open. She was not there.

Who? Who could have done this? Jack the Skull.

He launched himself out of the window of the apartment and down the fire escape. He was down in moments, and running. Here and there he saw signs of Rebecca. A lock of her hair, caught in the fire escape. He captured it.

This spurred him on.

"Rebecca!!" He screamed her name.

Jack the Skull stepped out of the shadows and said "Lose something Mr. Grey?" His entire face was twisted in mocking sneer.

"What did you do with her?" he was hysterical,

"Why don't you calm down freak?" the second Skull stepped out. He held a sawed off shotgun in his hand.

"This is bad, a Cape can hear him a mile away" Jack said.

"I don't get it, they don't wear capes..." four more Skulls stepped into the alley.

"Shaddup, Burke" a final figure spoke. Wearing similar gang colors as the others, this one was unarmed. While the other had bats, sledgehammers, and pistols, this one walked with nothing but his own menace and power.

"Yeah sure thing, Zeke" the one called Burke muttered out meekly.

"I was just going to look for you Mr. Grey” Zeke said with a menacing whisper, and took a step forward.

"Zeke, Jack says he saw her running towards police headquarters,"Carl whispered furiously.

"Well Mr. Grey looks like your luck has run out," Zeke said

This wasn't right, the shadows seemed to throb and swirl around Zeke, as if they where alive. There was an air of absolute terror that was trying to take root in Mr. Greys mind. He wanted to run, to scream in terror. It was the same feeling he had when walking home. Zeke must have been there, watching him.

Their weapons where out now and pointed at him, Mr. Grey didn't know what else to do, he began to whimper. This wasn't right. This wasn't fair! Why couldn't he live his life without these things happening to him? Rebecca was gone, he knew that now, and soon he would be dead. Tears began to run down his face as Gravedigger Buckshot raised his gun to fire.

Zeke turn his back on the weeping Mr. Grey in disgust, and saw a shadow shift. He froze. Zeke was a Bone Daddy, his senses, reflexes, strength and other powers where granted by channeling negative energy from the netherworlds. Imbued with these powers, he ran his crew with iron resolve, and often had to deal with some of the "Heroes" that patrol the streets. He could always sense every movement around him.

He saw the shadow shift. Every instinct screamed what it could be.

Before Zeke could get out a warning the felt a wind brush the side of his head. Zeke dropped to the ground with all the speed his body possessed.

Carl wasn't so lucky. The shotgun went off with a thunderous BOOM. Zeke knew Carl would lose his head one day. He never realized it would be in a literal sense. The Gravedigger Buckshot’s head was the first to fall, and then the rest of his body began to topple.

Zeke watched in slow motion-like way, his reflexes kicking him into a super speed moment of clarity. He saw as a physical mass of shadow continued its swing. The sword it held arced around taking Carl's head off was moving steadily to Mike's side. Zeke felt something else as well. He felt his very life force being leeched away, his soul being sucked into that maw of living shadow.

If this was affecting him, then it must be murdering the others of his crew. Jack was wrapped in some kind of tendrils writhing from the very ground, the hellish noise they made as he struggled and screamed against them was as deafening as the shotgun blast.

The shadow spun around, and backhanded Burke across the jaw, and followed it up with a kick to the stomach. Burke collapsed in a gush of air as he emptied his lungs.

Jimmy, and Rocco just stood there. Rooted to the ground in horror.

Zeke was standing by the time Carl’s head landed, and Jimmy got his first scream from his lips. Zeke ran forward, he pushed passed the living shadow and the pain that followed touching it, and struck. He unleashed every ounce of his rage and hate and his own dark power responded. A howling blast of darkness, it's skull shaped negative energy blast was blacker then any hell, with a corona of white that gave it definition. It streaked towards the sword-wielding hero but suddenly he dodged.

Zeke didn't let it distract him; he already closed the distance between them and unleashed a flurry of blows. This spurred Jimmy and Rocco into action. Jimmy aimed his pistol and fired, and watched as the bullets where absorbed by the shadowy mantle, surrounding the swordsman. Rocco ran forward with a yell, and swung his sledgehammer.

The swordsman dropped below the bone daddy’s strike, and slashed out with his sword.

Rocco collapsed with a cry of pain, Jimmy didn't scream at all, he just fell.

Zeke stopped and looked around. All his guys where down. . The Shadow stood as well, and then it faded away. Standing there was a masked male, pale white hair spikey, with dark brown skin. His eyes where white, blazing white with no pupils. The mask covered his nose to drape around his shoulders.

Zeke found himself growing heavy. As if the shadow only contained some power, with the dark mantle gone, it was unleashed upon him fully. Zeke readied for another attack, positioned his legs, he stepped over his left arm, and readied for a Shadow Smite.

Zeke frowned. Something was not right. He looked down and saw both his arms lying there; hanging below his belt he saw pink tendrils sagging from his shirt. "...Wha.." he said, and sat heavily on the ground and his life leaked away.

Mr. Grey watched with wide-eyed fascination as the Skulls where beaten and killed. No, not all killed. Somewhere alive. With a casual wave, the dark tentacles holding Jack disappeared. A quiet, whisper of a voice spoke from behind the mask.

"...go home they wait for you" the hero said to Jack.

Jack seemed to be in shock, because he just stood there. He finally dropped his weapons and walked away slowly.
"What about him" Jack said, pointing to the crumpled form of Burke.

"...he lives until he breaks one of the Nine Laws...” the voice whispered.
"So do you. Leave."

Jack ran down the alley and was gone.

Mr. Grey looked around and saw Zeke; the Bone Daddy's must be powerful. He was still alive, with both arms cut off and his guts hanging out. Mr. Grey was calm. He lived through the Rikti Invasion, so he saw things a lot worst then this. A lot worst.

He should compliment and thank the hero. Mr. Grey decided to go for something to lighten the mood. "Nice costume!"

Nothing. The hero just stared at him. "Uhh, thanks"

Mr. Grey turned to leave, when the ground erupted beneath his feet. Black tentacles reached out and wrapped around him, in the center a hellish noise arose, and the maw of some terrible, horrifying thing gnawed and chewed at his very soul. Mr. Grey screamed in horror.

"WHAT?! WHAT IS THIS?" he screamed.
Zeke stared in shock as well, and then something dawned on his dragging lifeless features, pulling them into a grimace, and then a cruel smile.

"Dark Law, so it's true...." Zeke rasped.

"WHAT"S TRUE!? Oh god what is this?! HELP ME!!"

"Bad luck for you, freak." Zeke hissed to Mr. Grey, as he slowly sagged to the cold alley ground.

"...Lawbreaker" Dark Law quietly said. He pulled his sword free, and set himself.

"WAIT! I DIDN'T BREAK ANY LAWS, YOU CAN'T PROVE ANYTHING" Mr. Grey screamed. Even as he said it, his wife Rebecca flashed before his eyes. Rebecca as he saw her, preparing his meals, setting the table, their wedding. How he had found her in mall one day and swept her off her feet and took her home. How he had trained her to be a good wife, the beatings and the torture to successfully train the perfect wife. He saw his other wives as well before they disappointed him, or if the training grew to severe. How he had the Skulls carry the bodies off in exchange for information he gathered at his insurance office. Information they used for their crimes. If someone got hurt because of it, how did it matter? this was his life, his love he wanted to share. All of these things flashed before his eyes, and Mr. Grey knew they where the things this Dark Law saw them.

His judge.

His Jury.

His executioner.

" you see?" Whispered the voice.

"Yes, tell Rebecca I love her" Mr. Grey sobbed.


The howling tendrils constricted in a vise grip cutting off Mr. Grey’s throat. He didn't see the blade swing that took off his head.

"Justice is done"

And then he was gone.