Origin Stories: The Chronicles of Impadivus, Ch 1




Okay here is "Chapter 1" of my character's life. Or something. Work in progress. So please be critical. Sorry it's long, I like to write.

Origin Stories: The Chronicles of Impadivus

Chapter 1: ‘Awakening’

When I awoke amidst a pile of broken concrete and splinters of wood 12 years ago, I had no idea how I got there. I stared blankly for a moment at the sun through a crack in the wreckage above my head wondering how hurt I was. I didn't feel anything broken or torn, I felt fine. Then, as I started to move around a question much more frightening than 'Where am I?' struck me...

'Who am I?'

Now, terrified and alone, I frantically pushed away the garbage on top of me and clawed my way to the surface. When I stood up, I was surrounded by broken houses, smoldering rubble and no sounds except for fire eating at the fallen buildings. The whole block was destroyed and I saw no one else around me. I sat down on the remains of what I imagined might have been my house, but I could not remember. Then, looking around at where I was buried, and what it was I had pushed off of myself, I realized no 14 year old could do such a thing. It was nearly a ton of concrete and wood, pieces of a home. With my face in my hands I started to cry... 'What am I?'

The question did not linger long, because in the distance I could hear sirens approaching, but more than that, I could see people coming. They were flying, and jumping great heights towards me. I did not move from my spot, I was trying to remember what was happening to me, trying to understand how people could be flying... Then they started tearing away the debris scattering the landscape, calling for people to answer them. They moved the hunks of garbage and chunks of concrete as if they were feathers, I was sure they were looking for survivors. I just watched them, not answering or calling to them, just watching.

Then a woman, wearing a very colourful costume turned in my direction. She saw me and smiled, turned to a group of other costumed people and pointed at me. She then flew across the ground and landed kneeling next to me.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

I merely nodded.

She looked me over with a concerned gaze and added, “We better get you to the hospital to have you checked out anyways. Do you know if your family is okay? Do you now if anyone else is here?”

I only shook my head ‘No’.

She placed her hand on my shoulder and sighed heavily, “Okay, let’s get you to that hospital.” She picked me up and turned back to her companions. “I’m going to take this little guy to the hospital.” I heard someone in the distance ask how things looked, she responded; “Not too good.” She looked back at me and asked if I was ready, I nodded in agreement and she floated up off the ground, higher into the sky. I looked back down and saw how bad things really did look from above. The whole city block was gone. I looked up at her and remembered something…

“Hero.” I said.

She closed her eyes and smiled. “What’s your name?” She asked.

“I… I don’t know.”

“Oh?” She looked confused, “Do you know where you are? Who your family is?”

“No… I don’t remember anything.”

“Hmm. We will see what the doc has to say. You may have gotten a little bump on the head, but the rest of you seems perfectly fine.”

She began to descend to what looked like a parking lot, the building ahead of us read ‘Steel Canyon Medical Center’. A doctor was already standing on the front steps of the hospital, he looked to the woman with me and asked, “There were no more?”

“He is the only one so far, doc.”

“That’s unfortunate…” He bent down and looked me over briefly. “Not a scratch on you, eh? You were lucky, a little dirty and torn clothes, but I think you’ll be okay. Come inside so we can run some tests.”

“I’m going back to help the search party, we will contact you on any changes, doc.”

The doctor nodded and began to lead me into the hospital. He didn’t speak much to me, and when I looked up at him he seemed very concerned about something… Very deep in thought. We came to a room with what looked like some scanners and a regular hospital bed. He motioned for me to lie down.

“So, what’s your name?” He asked.

“I don’t know.”

“Don’t remember anything? Not how you got there or who your parents are?”

“I’m trying… But my mind feels so blank. The only thing I remember is waking up in a pile of garbage. And something about Heroes… What are they?” I looked to him for the answer; I needed something, anything, to give me a hint.

“Heroes are all over this city. They protect us and make sure that nothing bad happens to regular people. Not a day goes by that I don’t thank them for all they’ve done around here. I don’t know what the world would be like if the Heroes had not come around to save us from ourselves.” I remained still while he tried to draw some blood, as he pressed harder onto my arm with the needle it broke under the stress. Not really bothered by it, he tossed the needle away and got one from another cabinet, this one went in and drew blood just fine.

“Why did that other one break?” I asked him.

“Oh? Well it seems that your skin is a little tougher than regular folk. I had to use our special needles to take your blood.”

Feeling my expression look a little upset I asked, “What’s so special about them?”

He turned away while he picked up a small device of some kind and said, “We use them for testing injured Heroes.”

I didn’t speak. I didn’t know what to say. I was racking my brain, trying to remember where I was… Nothing made sense to me. The doctor waved the device over my body and recorded something down on his clipboard. As he set it down on the counter next to the bed, the door opened and a large man came in. He was dressed in a full costume and wearing some kind of helm. The doctor hurried to him before the man could get close to me. I could overhear what they began to discuss.

“They found a child there? That can’t be possible.” The Large Man remarked.

“Well it is possible. And he’s no ordinary child. He exhibits Hero traits, and he was the only survivor. To top it off he has some form of amnesia. I took some blood and will have tests run right away, but it’s not a good idea to agitate him. Especially knowing where he was found. My only suggestion is to get him to the Hero Corps Training facility and get him working on his potential. Whatever that may be.” The doctor opened the door to the room and started to walk the Large Man out. I could hear him saying something about, ‘We need to know who the father was, doctor, it could make all the difference…’ Then he trailed off as they walked down the hall.

I looked around the room, I was frantic. I didn’t want to go anywhere called some ‘Hero Training’ place, but I didn’t know where I wanted to go either. All I knew was that I couldn’t stay here. I walked to the window and slid it open, no locks and no grates were on it so I slid out on to the ledge. It was only the second story so closed my eyes and jumped down onto the sidewalk. It didn’t hurt at all, and something like that was getting far from surprising. I checked to see if anyone noticed me and then I ran. I ran far and as fast as I could from that hospital and the doctor and the Large Man. I wanted to run away from whatever it is I’d become. When I stopped I just ducked into an alley and leaned against the wall, and I wasn’t even out of breath. When I looked out onto the street I couldn’t see the hospital, but I could still hear the sirens going to, or from, that street block they found me in. I saw a trash bin on the sidewalk and went over to fish out a newspaper. I ducked back into the alley and opened it up. The heading on the front read ‘Paragon City Bugle’. So this is where I was, ‘Paragon City’… A city of heroes it seems.

I dropped the paper on the ground and walked back out onto the street. The sun felt good beating down on me. No one seemed to notice me or look at me, and no one was looking for me right now either. So I just started walking down the street, hands in my pockets, trying not to be noticed. I still didn’t know where I was going, or what was in store for me, and to this day, I still could’ve never guessed what would happen to me next.

To be continued...