The Coming of The Commie Basher




In 1980 several infants were willingly given to science for a very strange experiment. This experiment would take 500 babies, give them to 500 pairs of scientist "parents" and put 250 of them into an environment which recreated the cold war. The other 250 would be put into good homes with caring parents, during the same time period, but under different conditions in which The Cold War never took place.

Six years later the affects were only beginning to show. In one community the six year olds were all brought inside before dark, and in another community the children were allowed to play until much after their bedtime. For one community food was much more scarce and dinners were small, jobs hard to find, and fear of bombings very high. In every "basement" there was a "bomb shelter". The other community was rich and plentiful with food and jobs.

In one community a young boy named Thomas, or as his friends all began to call him Tommy Boy. Tommy Boy was very outgoing and kept himself in great shape for his whole life. He led a mostly normal life until he turned 13 and his "father" was "killed" when a "Communist" invasion happened. Really this particular Scientist wanted to find out what would happen if this happened to a child.

Tommy Boy became very angry after this. His football carreer excelled and he was voted most Physically Fit in High School for four years in a row. He never bothered himself with any girlfriends, but instead took to studying about Communism.

Soon he was the MVP of his football team, and had it all it seemed. For a single working woman his "mother" did very well. She was a teacher at the Elementary School, even though no one went to that school anymore, strangely. None of the kids noticed that there were no visitors to their little town or what-not.

Tommy Boy graduated High School a year early when he was 17, and instead of going to work he made a call to a very influential man, or a scientist who posed as a military recruiter. Tommy Boy lied about his age and became a "soldier". The scientists brought in other military people who trained Tommy Boy.

When the experiment finally ended Tommy Boy was enraged. He couldn't quite grasp the fact that everything was a lie, and when he saw the man who posed as his father he broke down. He inquired about Communism, which he still had a particular hate for, and found out that it was not very rampant any longer. He refused to give up his dream of completely stopping Communism so he began fighting the next best thing. Villainry.

He trained and trained until he was at his peak of physical fitness. He was 24 then and read about Paragon City in the paper. He quickly rushed there and took on the name of "Commie Basher". He is still not well known, though he is more known than he used to be. Not many people feel they need someone bent on taking down Communism, but he feels that the Thugs and Villains of Paragon are as close to Communist you can get while not leaving America, and so he fights for the citizens of Paragon City night and day.