How Intel Inside came upon the Virtue Server...




GPS locator recalibrating... failed. Invalid encryption., processed Intel Inside as it arrived at the other end of a trans-dimensional portal it had unknowingly triggered. Green lights flashing across its circuit-covered exoskeleton in a random array that a casual observer might have considered to be an expression of confusion.

Could not establish connection to INTELXCRIME domain. Please contact your system administrator., it then processed. Once again, the lightshow dazzling puzzled citizens who noticed the machine's sudden appearance in Prometheus Park.

"Critical service drctvp~1.exe not respon...", it began to vocalize something. Its large frame jerked spasmatically and it fell backward on the soft lawn and lay still for a moment, the fiber-optic display of its exoskeleton gradually changing from green to blue, electronic synapses triggering in series back and forth from its CPU.

Attempting to rise to its feet, it stops suddenly, the dim glow of its visor brightening in realization as, for the first time since its creation several years ago, it sees the sky. A dog barks, and the machine again falls backward. In surprise. This unfamiliar sensation creates an overload in its system diagnostics, and with a flicker and a whine, Intel Inside's subtle glow fades as its power supply is disengaged, forcing a system shutdown.

Startup sequence initiated...
System diagnostic... OK
Weapon diagnostic... OK
Mechanical diagnostic... OK
Loading Windows NT Developer subsystem...
Error initializing drctvpr~1.exe: File Not Found! (OK)
System ready.

The world fills his optical sensors. Something feels peculiar, and he anxiously scans his process list. Unknown process count: 6, he thinks.

"Yes." His voice recognition software quickly surmises with 99.8% likelihood that the voice is that of Dr. Joaquin Ramirez, his Chief Software Architect.

"Good morning, youngster," Dr. Ramirez continues, "it looks like everything's operational. How do you feel?"

An inexplicable sensation courses through Intel Inside's system. "Unrecognized command. Please resubmit query." he responds.

Dr. Ramirez glances down at his notepad, a complete analysis of this strange, and then inactive, machine that was deposited at his laboratory 5 weeks prior. "Authorization code: Tango Gamma Three Three Epsilon Niner. File System command: Create shortcut, registry entry dcomsy~1.exe, to startup folder."

"Command acknowledged. Shortcut created."

"Administrative Command: Start System Process dcomsy~1.exe, Default Activation Setting: Automatic."

Upon processing the command, Intel Inside clearly states, "I live?"

"Yes, you do."



"Answer inacceptable."

A broad grin flashes across Dr. Ramirez' face, "He wants to know. He wants to know!" he sings under his breath with a little dance. Intel Inside continues to peer at him through the optical sensors behind his still-blue visor. "Well," Dr. Ramirez clears his throat, regaining his composure, "I studied the dump file from your shutdown and your log files from the past two years, and it appears that I created you. But, it wasn't I who created you. I mean, it was, but it was me from another dimension. You understand this?"


"It appears that the me from this other dimension... I'm not too fond of him... It appears that he created you with the intention to be some sort of crime-fighting billboard. Some big, walking advertisement for Intel Corp."

Involuntarily, Intel's CPU requests supplemental information from his internal RAID-driven storage system. "Affirmative. My programming requires me to protect the innocent from harm, to assist law enforcement in the capture of criminals, and to acquire new, unidentified technology for Intel Corporation."

"Did. Your programming did require that, but you no longer carry that programming."


"From studying your log files, it appears that you accessed that trans-dimensional portal due to your programming instruction set requiring you to acquire new technologies for Intel Corp. When you triggered the portal, it drew you in and transferred you to this dimension, very much the same, apparently, as the one you came from, only that in this dimension, you were never created. Your previous instruction set was managed wirelessly by an activity monitoring system located somewhere in Paragon City. When you stepped through that portal, the connection was severed, and your Directive Instruction Service failed. That's part of what forced your shutdown."

"The portal delivered you to Prometheus Park where you were found. Thankfully, you have identification engraved under your left foot that instructed the authorities to send you to me. Luckily for you, I exist in this dimension."


"So, to make a long story short, I reprogrammed you. You are an extraordinary technology. I have never seen a processor like yours, and I cannot believe that it was developed years ago. Either your dimension was very advanced or my counterpart there came across this CPU through unprecedented means. You were left to operate on an archaic subsystem, and unfortunately, there simply isn't enough time in the world to reconfigure your drivers to work under a more efficient operating system. I have, however, upgraded you to my own Windows prototype that will allow for full usage of your fantastic processor and provides full functionality for your driverset. I also have given you the knowledge and the means to upgrade yourself, and the software to allow for communication with other sentient beings."


"Yes...", Dr. Ramirez continued. "You are self-aware. That is what you feel. That is that strange... feeling, I don't know how to relate it otherwise, you have. You are no longer bound by programming contraints. You are no longer forced to abide by the rules of man and are free to act as we do."


"To do as you please! There are limitations, however..."


"Because, as a sentient being, you must allow for other sentient beings to also live freely as you now can."


"Because, so long as you allow others to live free, most will allow the same of you."


"Yes, most. Unfortunately, there are those among humans who feel they are above this one law. Most are in love with power. Many are blinded by greed. You understand greed and power?"


"You have spent several years rescuing the innocent from those criminals. You would do wisely to reflect on that data and understand why you must not be as they are. Certainly, you are not expected to resume your previous duty of crimefighting, my only hope is that you do not become a criminal yourself."

"Your weapons systems are very advanced as well and are managed via an uplink to the Freedom Court mainframe. At least, they were. Perhaps if you contact one of the founders, they may be able to grant you access to your previous systems. I'm sure you'll need to regain the proper clearances you once had, however... Remarkable. You are so very remarkable. I have, in the time being, reconfigured your GPS encryption so that your locator will function properly as I'm sure you've already noticed... and I hope you don't mind that I've made you male?"

"Query: Build a help file, Dr. Ramirez?"

"Certainly, you have alot to learn, son, you have much to learn.", Dr. Ramirez smiled that slight smile of a proud father whose son had just fulfilled his every expectation, his resolve defeated, a single tear streaked down his face.

"You are leaking, Doctor."

"Yes. Yes. I should get that looked at.", he laughed.