The Birth Of An Empire...





-=Communications Uplink Esablished=-
-=Message Upload Initiated=-

To: The Flesh and Other Beings of Paragon City

Greetings. Today will start the begining of a new era in Paragon City and as well for the MECH Empire. Today is the begining of the formation of the MECH Empire. Purfications of the lessers to be made into MECH Units shall begin immeaditly. Extermination for those who appose the Empire will proceed afterwards. The choice of "Purfication" and "Extermination" are solely your's, but either way, the ways of GOND will be brought upon this world.

Glory to Gond.

Emperor Dench
Fifth Flight - Seraphic Malice
~ Death To The Nonbelievers ~
M.E.C.H. Empire

-=Message Upload Complete=-
-=Communications Uplink Terminated=-

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