The Brawl (The Origin of Brawlking)




The year is 1453. A small castle of hell-bound warriors who call themselves the "Brawlers"
are held up in their fort. The last castle, and the last king in Germany. The men have survived many wars and invasions in their lives which have been unusually long. This due to a sorceror who lived in the castle and protected the men. One man out of the 10, whose name was long ago forgotten, an ancient and wise ruler now only known as "Brawlking", employs the services of this sorceror one last time, as the Franks invade his kingdom. He asks the sorceror to save him and his men, to help them escape. Invoking great power the Shaman opens a swirling vortex and tells the men to go through. The city falling around them, fire burning their homes and people screaming, the aged men charge into the portal with a fearless yell, disappearing as the window closes. The 10 men float slowly through a tunnel of swirling energy for what seems like an eternity, slowly each of them disappear one at a time, until Brawlking is left alone in the vortex.

When he finally comes out he is a strange place, it seems to be underground, and all he can see is green smoke and 8 men standing around him chanting. One in a Red Robe stands and says "Oh, Great king of old, we call you now in this our darkest hour. We are beset by a great foe, one the likes of which has never been seen on this planet. Please aid us!! Destroy this force, banish it from our lair." Floating in the green mist, Brawlking looks around and wonders where he is. Then thinks better of it, this is not the time for questions, he must help these people. After all they are the ones who brought him from the Vortex. "I will help you" Brawlking said with a low gentle tone, "You have saved me from the eternal abyss, and for that I am grateful. Show me my enemy and your will shall be done." The men stand closer to Brawlking chanting and touching his armor. Suddenly it starts to glow softly, and Brawlking feels almost invulnerable. His armor tougher than any dragonscale and plate he had ever worn before, even as strong as Mythril.

He follows the men through twisting subterranean hallways and dark catacombs to the front lines of the battle. These monsters are not from this planet, but seem to be alien. Brawlking grips his Axe tightly, and begins his run into the fray. He charges head on with ghostly speed and swiftness, cirlcing his axe around taking out 3 or 4 of his foes at a time. Gashing, Chopping, Punching, Smashing the bodies of his enemy he clears a steady path. suddenly he feels inspired, his eyes glow blue and he catches a second wind. He seems more accurate and dealing more damage. He swings his axe in arches in front of him, pushing his way through more and more of the enemy, leaving a trail of death behind him. He has successfully cleared one path, but there are many more still. Brawlking continues his battles under the protection of these new sorcerors and beats back many of these alien invaders, once they are far enough back the sorcerors put up magic barriers that the foes can not cross, but in doing so they trap Brawlking outside of the barrier.

Alone in the tunnels with his enemies he sees no other way out than forward. Eyes glowing Red, Blue, then Yellow he begins to tear through his enemies once again, clearing a way for himself, provoking more and more anger inside himself to drive him on. He clears a path to where he can see a faint light above him. It must be the surface, so he jumps up, bursting through the manhole cover. A flood of aliens behind him, he runs until he sees a huge force of others, they begin rooting and blasting the aliens back under the surface, and into hiding in their tunnels. Totally worn and out of life to keep living on Brawlking collapses on the ground in front of the line of heroes. They take him to the hospital where the captured alien technology instantly restores him to perfect health.

After living the day to day life and helping to deafeat the Rikti invasion he begins to think about what had happened with his brethren, and where they are now. It seemed to him that the abyss was some type of time Vortex, so they must have been lost somewhere in time as well. Or maybe they were also called to aid the underground sorcerers. After hanging around for a while Brawlking learned that the men that summoned him were evil sorcerors called the "Circle of Thorns" and the aliens he had been fighting were called the "Rikti".

Now Brawlking finds himself living in a strange new age, struggling to adapt, he finds that he is best appreciated by helping others in danger. He roams the streets hoping to find some clue as to what happened to his Brawler brothers, and when he may see them again. Maybe some day soon he will join them, and they will fight glorious battles again. Until then he remains ever vigilant, to protect those in need in Paragon City.