Blackanchor Mae (origin and comic)




She's my level 6 natural scrapper. An old pirate (first mate abord the ship The Boochin' Beagle) swept overboard during a freak storm at sea. Washing ashore in Paragon City she takes advantage of modern technology to replace a lost arm (no curved hooks here!) and finds herself in the role of swashbuckling adventurer, all the while trying to figure out how to get back to her own time and place.

That's the backstory.

Here're some screenshots:
Here's she is.
Here's Mae acting her age. Achtung baby!.
Here's she is doing that Trinity thing.

And this is a brief little comic I drew up.




That comic was wonderful... great work I liked the style and sense of humor.



Really loved the pecil-work.. ^^ You got some talent there friend.. ^^ Be sure to send in that art, or some other, to Cryptics upcoming project.. ^^