Nexxes: Origin




Prologue One

The Rikti advanced into the tunnels, their energy weapons blasting through most of the magic shields that had kept Oranbega safe for these many years. Baron Zoria glowered into the gloom as he finished his preparations.

“My Lord, we must hurry, the aliens will be here soon” the Acolyte whispered

“Yes I know” replied Zoria “But this is an Incantation to a Lord Beyond the Pale, we’ve had no dealing with it in these times. All must go exactly right or the aliens will be the last of our problems.” With that Baron Zoria stepped into his place at the head of the Circle of Power. His long time allies and must powerful followers began to chant and weave their power into a complex summoning ritual.

The Baron was no novice to the Black Arts, for well over a hundred years he had practiced and perfected the skills he had inherited. Still, asking an unknown entity from the Shadow realms, to grant power, when aliens were blasting into your fortress wasn’t an everyday occurrence even to the powerful Sorcerer.

The Baron’s voice became deep and resonated with the power of the spell summoned by the Circle of Thorns… at the final incantation he all but shouted out…

“O Amplissimi viri Dominus adfluentia opacus Umbra. Voveo vovere vovi votum Damnari voti, confusum debello hostis. Abditus castrum arma aspectus!”

Each of the Sorcerers felt the presence that suddenly filled the room, the weakest willed fainted on the spot. Zoria however was not afraid, he felt a presence as vast as the distance between the stars touch his spirit briefly. Not even when he first plunged the Thorn of Suffering into his heart had he felt such power around him.

A moment passed, a pressure filled the room, as each of the sorcerers felt an unseen hand push down on their very soul.

A silence more shattering then any explosion filled the Chamber and instantly the presence was gone. Zoria was filled with an unsettling energy and his mystic senses could feel the new barrier that surrounded Oranbega. While the barrier wasn’t a permanent replacement as he had hoped it would be. It would protect him and his followers while they battled the invaders.

Zoria’s eyes blazed as he walked from the chamber and called for his elite troops. He would lead the battle himself to drive these wretches from his halls. “Woe unto those who get in my way” me snarled to himself.

End Prologue One

The Entity felt a call, the call came from a section of multispace that It had ignored for some ages. A tendril of its awareness slid sideways through spacetime to listen.

A group of Magi, wearing new bodies, asked to be hidden. It remembered them, these self proclaimed Sorcerer Kings. They had been enthralled with the Shadow but they lost track of the light. Forgetting that Shadow only exists where light and dark meet. The Presence let its awareness slide ever so lightly over the magi, It remembered how fragile these bodies of matter were. As they were in the past these magi were enamored with the dark side of life. Still much time had past in this realm since someone had called on It. Perhaps these magi might call on It again. The Entity fulfilled the desire of the lead Magi…Zoria…he was called. Only instead of granting a permanent boon, it would be a temporary one. An Avatar would be sent to that realm of cold matter and bright spirit to see if Zoria and these magi might be worth Its consideration.

End Prologue Two

Nexxes walked into Atlas Park. He noticed that his clothes while mimicking those of the Circle of Thorns was different from the people he saw around him.

He let his slight telepathy brush against the minds around him.

“Interesting” he murmured as he listened to the thoughts around him.
“Most human have no awareness of the higher realms. Yet I sense many shielded minds in this city. Heroes? Villains? Aliens? Complex social structures, advanced scientific machines, magi both light and dark, undead, Angelic, Netherworld … “

“Well it seems it was a good idea, to manifest here. Perhaps I should have invested this form with more power” He mused “Hmmm no, the past has shown that in order to understand a species I must learn how it functions. Still I know that there are many mystics here, even some Others from the upper and lower planes. Best to explore without turning this into a battle zone or bringing omni dimensional energies to this realm”

He looked at a male and female walking along holding hands. With a wave his clothes took on an appearance similar to the mans. “Now, to see what these mystics do”

End Origin

Nexxes is an unempowered Avatar of a cosmic being. He will originally be here to find out about the Circle of Thorns and the style of magic that Mystics use in Paragon City. As he explores the city he will find the hero’s endearing and without being really aware of it will start to emulate their behavior. His consciousness is vastly limited compared to the Entity that he is part of, but still his understanding of Universal Xeno Lore is nearly limitless. His understanding of humanity, of the passions of being good or evil, of being human is infinitely less. So too is his understanding of human magic. While he can perceive it as he can the thoughts of non-heroic humans. It will take him some time to learn to Master it.