An Archvillain's Demise




Reposted here by request:

So my contact sends me into the sewers to stop the spread of the Vahzilok wasting disease. He thinks we've found Point Zero - somewhere in Boomtown - and there's a good chance I can cap it completely. Tough mission; Vahz are no joke for a scrapper like me. But slowly and surely I work my way through the sewers until I find the zero point.

In the name of God! Who should I find there but a giant mutated monster who claims to be Dr. Vahzilok himself! Seeing no way out, I throw myself at the monster, but he seems to heal as fast as I can hit him. Badly beaten, I crawl away to the hospital.

Defeat is a fine teacher, but it does not sit easily. As soon as the doctors discharge me, I activate my comlink and broadcast a request for help. Sad to say, only one person comes to my aid. I am worried that Dr. Vahzilok might be able to call in reinforcements before we could return, and we move into Boomtown in the hopes of recruiting assistance from the heroes that flock there fighting to keep the tides of criminals from Steel Canyon. Fortunately three others answer the call; no healers are among them, which causes us some concern, but in the end we decide to brave the arch-villain anyway.

Entering the sewers, we are relieved to discover that reinforcements have not as yet arrived. Moving swiftly, we retrace my earlier steps to Dr. Vahzilok's hidden lair. With hearts in mouths we plan hastily and sweep in to the attack, slamming into the twisted and evil villain without pause. At first it seems he will resist our combined efforts; but our training and ability soon start to tell, and even that monster can not withstand us. With a last curse, he collapses into the reeking sewage.

Tonight Dr. Vahzilok sits in a secure cell, and the people of Paragon rest easier in their beds. For this, I give thanks to The Daring Livid, Svlad Cjelli, Jorel and the Pino Kid (my apologies, my small friend, if I spelt that incorrectly) for their courage in answering the call to arms. Paragon City owes you a great debt.

Hadiya, Security Clearance 18 Natural Scrapper (MA/Regen)