the Anestians (victory)




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File: First Contact Log

Log entered by Guard Drone 1232.
We are landing on the Planet earth in the Northwestern Region as
commanded. Update: region known as New York Central Park
We landing in vegetation grove of some sorts.
We made a inventory list of drones:
400 Workers
200 Healers
150 Guards
500 Warriors
3 Carriers
1 Queen A.I. System
It appear the Humans have come to greet us. Perhaps peace will be
smoother than the last mission. The Workers and Warriors were dispatched
to greet the Human force waiting outside
Error log discontinued
Making Artificial log
The humans have attacked our forces and destroy two Carriers
Disconnecting from Hive Systems.....
The Humans in this region are not ready for contact from off worlders we
must retreat.
Error System outage