The Full Orgin of Captain Jorganson




Captain Jorganson joined the Paragon City military at the age of 24, having graduated from Paragon University with a degree in mathmatics. After becoming a Lieutenant he was assigned to Signal Group Seven, a black ops unit within the military.

Having distiguished himself several times, now Captain Jorganson was picked for the Mobile Armored Shock Trooper program. The brainchild of Dr. Leon Fastow, the program is an effort to design a powered suit of armor for troopers to fight the foes of Paragon City. Essentially giving super powers to normal men.

The suit is a layered system, with the base layer composed of a synthetic muscle like mesh. When stimulated by electricity the mesh reacts like muscles, with a minimum of bulk, there by boosting the strength of the individual. The next layer is composed of "wet" ceramic layers of armor. Basically weaves of ceramic with semi liquid interiors. The liquid provides extra ballistic protection and helps to dissipate excess energy.

The suit is controlled by a direct feed from the wearers central nervous system. This system recieves every impulse sent from the brain and spinal cord. The suit takes the information to resond just as the wears body does, and amplifies the impulses to improve reation time. This system, when first tried with Capt Jorganson sent him into shock, and rendered his body incapable of sending the impulses on his own. Because of this, the suit must now provide the power for his brain to function. Because of this, the suit is keeping him alive and can not be removed.

The weapon system consists of the GPR-8X assualt system. Built around a 7mm caseless rifle, the rifle can fire in 5 to 6 round bursts up to 2000 rounds per minute. Firing any faster as yet overheats the barrel. Attatched under the barrel is a 12 gauge shotgun firing both buckshot, or slug rounds for short range fire power. The shotgun is also capable of firing a flexible baton for a non leathal option. For long range punch, Dr Fastow added a 12.7 mm tungsten rod fired through a rail gun system. This rod has a laser seeker, and terminal guidance through controlled fins for near terminal guidance. For the explosive option, the system is equiped with a 40mm breach loaded grenade launcher. Rounding out the system is a flamthrower igniting a jet of jellied gasoline.

The suit is not equiped with weapons, it comes with a variety of gadgets courtesy of Dr. Fastow. To enhance accuracy the suit ejects a pod which provides exact range and weather data for precise targeting. The pod uses a ducted fan to stay aloft, and can for nearly 20 min at a time.

The suit is also equiped with a anti-grav unit which allows hovering and flight. The system, designed by Dr. Fastow, controls the flow of gravitons around the suit to provide flight. Dr. Fastow believes he can use this unit to project gravity, and even open rifts and perhaps travel through them. This research is ongoing. Recently added, this system has been adapted to bend light around the suit. This system creates a field 1 nanometers wide attuned to the quantum frequency of visible light, and infrared light. This field renders the wearer invisible to both visible light, and heat.

The M.A.S.T. system, though still in testing, looks very promising. As more and more suits come online the technology will continue to evolve. These suits will hopefully provide the protection Paragon City desperatly needs.

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